How do I stay motivated to pole dance at home?

This is a recurring question I've seen recently so I thought I'd share my thoughts. Lets start by looking at the definitions of Motivation and Dedication.

Motivation - The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.
Dedication - The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

Being motivated to train can be tough because you have to FEEL like doing it. Motivation comes and goes depending on your life circumstances.

Being dedicated requires a different mindset of follow through, regardless of whether you feel like it or not! In my opinion, having a plan to follow is essential if your goal is to be dedicated to your pole practice!

There's nothing wrong with being a motivated pole dancer, I'm that kinda pole dancer! In my personal practice I dance and work on new things when I feel like it. On the flip side, I'm dedicated to my online students and the pole community, so every day, whether I feel like it or not, I work on new content and try to answer questions and help others in our community.

I'm newly dedicated to my health and fitness once again. I really missed feeling dedicated to something that's just for me, and lifting weights fits that space right now. I train 4-5 days a week, weather I feel tired, sad or too busy because I know the results are worth pushing myself to make time. I feel so much better mentally and physically when I prioritize working out. A happy side effect is feeling more motivated to dance and learn new tricks just for me.

So, which pole dancer are you? Motivated or Dedicated?

I'd love to offer some guidance for both styles of home pole dancers! Below are ideas for both styles of pole dancer.

MOTIVATED pole dancers, this doesn't require a plan, you can go with the flow, enjoy pole when you feel like it. Here are some suggestions for you!

Read all tutorial descriptions so you can choose the correct level! I suggest beginner for anyone who isn't active on the regular.

Always warm up first. You can find warm ups here []

If you feel like dancing check out the ROUTINES pole dance all levels section. []

If you feel like working on combos click here []

If you feel like working on floor work click here []

If you'd like to learn exits, entries and cool secrets for pole tricks check out these individual tutorial sections
Beginner []
Intermediate []
Advanced [] Remember to choose the appropriate level for YOU! Nothing wrong with enjoying beginner stuff.

Other no pole, options are chair dance, hula hooping, or yoga hammock!

DEDICATED pole dancers this requires a plan and mindset of follow through usually with a goal in mind! You show up whether you feel like it or not. Here are some ideas for you!

Programs to Follow:
No Pole Program []

30 Day take off program []

Beginner levels 1-3
Level 1 []
Level 2 []
Level 3 []
Intermediate levels 1-3
Level 1 []
Level 2 []
Level 3 []
Advanced levels 1-3
Level 1 []
Level 2 []
Level 3 []

30 Day Spinning Pole []

30 day Flow []

30 day Flexy []

30 day Invert []

30 day Caterpillar []

30 day Ayesha []

30 day Shoulder mount []

VIP PLANS, there are 10 and each a week long. Here are the areas of focus for each week.
Body waves
Save your shoulders
Attitude legs
Core strength (no pole needed)
Hip holds
Elbow stands
Here's the link for the plans []

You can also commit yourself to submitting for each certification! []
Mar 16, 2023
gpsycaro832921 Previous Paid Member
Thank you so much for this,Veena!
Mar 17, 2023
I'm glad you found ot helpful 💜
Mar 17, 2023
elenadove805635 Previous Paid Member
thanks for such helpful content, my main concern is Set Clear Goals like, Define what you want to achieve with your pole dancing. Whether it's mastering a specific move, improving your flexibility, or building strength, having clear goals can keep you focused.
Sep 1, 2023
I'm the country and can't drive so I get lonely. This gives me a way to feel like I have a partner doing it with me.
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