Side Split Grips

Veena Jun 2, 2020
I'll cover the True grip and Cup grip. These grips are advanced level because of the shoulder strength and mobility needed to properly perform this hold.

Adv Figurehead

Veena 12 days ago
This is a great way to transition to Shoulder mount! I'll be sharing a few ways to grip with the hands and different options for entering this pose.

Corkscrew SPIN

Veena Aug 6, 2020
I'll show you static and spinning pole. However, I prefer to do this spin on static. Pay close attention to my cues about hip placement this is key to creating a smooth spin.

Reverse Grab SPIN

Veena Aug 6, 2020
Please remember the static Reverse grab is NOT for beginners. You should be working on shoulder conditioning for weeks, even months before moving on to this spin. Also make sure you can perform a solid chair spin before attempting the static Reverse

Juliette SPIN

Veena Aug 17, 2020
I'll demonstrate both static and spinning pole for this spin. You'll need shoulder mobility for this one so make sure you've been working on your shoulder conditioning and stretching before giving this a try.

Roxie SPIN

Veena Aug 6, 2020
The Roxie spin is a unique way to enter into a Ballerina and use it as a spin. I'll show you both static and spinning pole. You'll learn a few different leg variations as well. The SV member was Roxy Pink!

The Hurdler

Veena Oct 13, 2014
In this lesson we'll cover how to find proper placement and balance in the move. I will also demonstrate multiple entries including on of my favorite combos, extended butterfly into hurdler. Strengthens: GLUTES / HAMSTRINGS / ERECTOR SPINAE


Veena Nov 16, 2010
While this move is in the advanced section, as long as you have a solid gemini and thigh rest you can work on this move as an intermediate dancer. Also Known As: SUPERWOMAN, Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / GLUTES / ERECTOR SPINAE / LATISSIMUS


Veena Jan 27, 2011
This move is an advanced move because it places a lot of pressure on the arm and side. It also takes a good deal of hip flexor strength and leg flexibility. Also Known As: ARMPIT HOLD / STRADDLE / ARMPIT HOLD V, Strengthens: ABDOMINALS / HIP FLEXORS

Floor Pole Split

Veena Nov 6, 2010
While this move is not a difficult one to perform, the flexibility requirements are why it is categorized as advance. We'll talk about hand placement and I'll go over a simple yet fluid way to enter and exit this move. Strengthens: HANDS / HIP

Forearm Stand

Veena Aug 17, 2020
With all "stands" practice is key!!! Make sure you've been working on your Elbow Stands and the Stands Routine to help prepare you for this move. Remember it's ok to use a wall instead of your pole. If you're having trouble keeping the arms from

Gemini Scorpio Switches

Veena Nov 15, 2010
In this lesson we'll go over how to perform multiple switches using our gemini and scorpio. Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / ADDUCTORS / CALF

Falling Star

Veena Jan 19, 2011
The shooting star and a gemini on BOTH sides must be strong and consistent before moving on to the falling star. This combo can be done fast or slow, music and comfort level should determine the speed. Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / ADDUCTORS / GLUTES /

Aerial Pole Split

Veena Nov 5, 2010
This move requires a high level of flexibility. You will also need a solid side pole climb or star. Also Known As: SPLITS ON POLE / POLE SPLITS, Strengthens: HANDS / ADDUCTORS / HIP FLEXORS / HAMSTRINGS

Butterfly Invert

Veena Jun 18, 2020
This advanced move is the perfect transition into a Butterfly or Extended butterfly. Conditioning for the shoulders and having a very solid split grip is needed. Pay close attention to the cues for shoulder and upper arm placement. When beginning to

Center Pole Split

Veena Nov 8, 2010
This move requires a high level of flexibility and strength. I'll share important techniques that will help you maintain the proper position on the pole. Also Known As: BOX SPLITS, Strengthens: HANDS / ADDUCTORS / HAMSTRINGS / ABDOMINALS /

Scorpio Handstand

Veena Aug 13, 2010
Once you have solid control of your scorpio and thigh holds, you can move on the scorpio handstand variation. Pay attention to the points of contact. Using proper positioning will make for greater control over the move. Strengthens: LATISSIMUS /

Veena Climb

Veena Aug 2, 2012
This is a great strength building climb. During a performance it is an interesting slow climb up the pole. Watch and listen to the cues for the legs closely. Think of it as an upright Caterpillar Climb. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / QUADRICEPS /

Scissor Climb

Veena Nov 18, 2014
This move is advanced because of the amount of strength needed. Be sure you are fully engaging the back and shoulders by pulling all the way up into pole hold. Be careful not to extend the arms too far overhead in the beginning position. Keep the

Reverse Ayesha Or Reverse Inverted V

Veena Mar 17, 2014
You must have a solid gemini for this lesson. Flexibility in the shoulders is helpful as this will allow you to extend the arm over your head fully. Pay close attention to the points of contact. Also Known As: REVERSE AYESHA, Primary muscles:

Knee Hold

Veena Dec 14, 2010
Not every move is right for every body. Hamstring and core strength is needed to perform this move. Using my little trick at the beginning should help you find the sweet spot on your bottom leg. Take your time and limit yourself to a few tries per

Half Hip Hold

Veena May 23, 2012
This move requires some flexibility and TIME. Even if you already understand the jade hip hold split, working on this half variation can improve the full version greatly. Always try both sides. Also known as: HALF JADE / THE DUCHESS / Strengthens:


Veena Apr 25, 2012
A strong Knee Pit grip is needed before working on this move. Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / GLUTES / ERECTOR SPINAE (THE BACK)

Advanced Star

Veena Feb 6, 2013
This beautiful move and can be used to transition into other advanced pole work. Strong hamstrings and your knee pit grip are needed for this move. Also Known As: CUPID, Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / GLUTES / ADDUCTORS / ABDUCTORS / CALF / OBLIQUES

Split Hip Hold (Jade)

Veena Dec 18, 2010
This advanced hip hold is challenging. Learn the tricks to prevent the back and forth teeter effect. I'll cover a couple of options for entering this move along with various positions for arms. This move requires flexibility and


Veena Aug 11, 2010
This is a beautiful move. Having a solid scorpio and jade/hip hold will be very helpful. We will go over two methods of entering into this move. Strengthens: HANDS / OBLIQUES / ERECTOR SPINAE

Caterpillar Climb

Veena Dec 16, 2010
The caterpillar climb is an advanced move. Before working on the climb you must have mastered the caterpillar. I will also demonstrate how to work on multiple caterpillar climbs on a short pole. Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS / LATISSIMUS / PECTORALS /

Gemini Climb

Veena Jun 20, 2012
This advanced climb is not only an interesting way to climb the pole, it's also an excellent strength builder. Strengthens: BICEPS / ABDOMINALS / HIP FLEXORS / LATISSIMUS / TRAPPEZIUS / ROMBOIDS / PECTORALS

Extended Butterfly

Veena Jul 1, 2020
I'll cover the different hip and chest positions you can use to create different styles of extended butterflies. I go over split grip, twisted grip, forearm and elbow grip versions as well. Please be sure you have the static variation down before

Bow and Arrow

Veena Jan 31, 2011
You will be learning two of the most common arm positions for the bow and arrow. Also Known As: ARCHER HOLD, Strengthens: HANDS / FOREARMS / BICEPS / TRICEPS / TIBIALIS ANTERIOR / EXENSORS OF THE FOOT


Veena Feb 3, 2011
Some will find the pencil easier to master then the bow & arrow, others will find the opposite. Pay close attention to the points of contact. Strengthens: FLEXORS OF THE HAND AND FOREARM / LATISSIMUS / TRAPEZIUS / ABDOMINALS / ERECTOR SPINAE

Pencil Mount

Veena Feb 7, 2011
In this lesson I will cover how to perform a mount that allows you to move into the pencil from the ground. This is an advanced move and requires strength and flexibility in the shoulders and hamstrings. Also Known As: IGUANA, Strengthens: ABDOMINALS

Spinning V

Veena Dec 29, 2010
This move requires a good deal of control. That means it requires upper back/shoulder and abdominal strength to control the move. I'll break it down allowing you to see important points before moving into this move with full momentum. Also Known As:

Spinning Scorpio

Veena Jan 12, 2011
This is a beautiful move. In this lesson I'll cover tips for placement and how to work with momentum to create spin. Having a solid xpinning b will be helpful. Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / ADDUCTORS / CALF / ABDOMINALS / TRAPEZIUS / LATISSIMUS /

Inverted Pole Split

Veena Nov 9, 2010
This is one of the most advanced pole splits. We will take a look at two variations for hand positioning as well as two variations for leg positioning. You must have a very secure knee pit grip along with a high level of flexibility. Also Known As:

Reverse Inverted Thigh Hold

Veena Nov 3, 2010
The key to this move is to pay special attention to the points of contact. Also Known As: DANGEROUS BRIAN / NO HANDED BOW AND ARROW, Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / QUADRICEPS / ABDOMINALS

Ayesha (Split) (Twisted) (Elbow) and (Forearm grips)

Veena Jun 18, 2020
I'll demonstrate 4 different grips! Before moving on to any of these Ayesha grips be sure you have watch my Caterpillar lesson. You will find more helpful lessons in the related lesson below the main player. When starting choose whichever grip feels

Straight Edge

Veena Dec 27, 2010
This move takes control and balance. Working on various handstands, or elbowstands can be helpful in progressing faster for this move. Pay close attention to my suggestions for body placement. Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS / LATISSISMUS / PECTORALS /


Veena Jul 10, 2012
We'll cover several variations and levels of difficulty for this advanced pole move. Pay attention to the cues for breathing. Strengthens: PECTORALS / TRAPEZIUS / LATISSISMUS / DELTOIDS / TRICEPS / BICEPS / ABDOMINALS / GLUTES / ADDUCTORS / ABDUCTORS

Aerial Invert

Veena 11 days ago
I'll cover both static and spinning pole. Make sure you have a solid V invert/Chopper before working on this lesson. You will learn several leg positions and we'll look at two options for upper body placement on spinning pole.


Veena Sep 19, 2014
Not all moves are right for everyone. This lesson will cover proper points of contact with a focus on protecting the ribs allowing dancers to determine if this move is right for them. Switching to a smaller or larger diameter pole can help place you


Veena Sep 29, 2014
This lesson will cover proper points of contact with a focus on protecting the ribs, allowing dancers to determine if this move is right for them. You'll also learn tips to help prevent slipping when entering into this move. Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS /

Brass Monkey

Veena 11 days ago
In this lesson I'll share 6 different options for entering Brass Monkey! Watch all six before working on this pose, because the right one for you may not be the first option! You'll also learn the tricks to Brass Monkey on spinning pole. This lesson


Veena Feb 1, 2011
Learn the tricks to creating a strong knee pit grip along your pole for this beautiful move. Also Known As: FLIGHT ATTENDANT, Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / CALVES / ADDUCTORS / ERECTOR SPINAE / PECTORALS

Shoulder Mount

Veena Feb 28, 2011
You will learn two grips for this mount, a basic or cup grip, and the veena grip. This is a very advanced move. Work from the floor until you have mastered control of the positioning. Everyone is built differently so play around with grip height. Do

Shoulder Dismount

Veena Mar 1, 2011
This is an impressive dismount! I'll cover how to take pressure off the collarbone with proper placement. The shoulder dismount will also improve your abdominal strength, helping to control all shoulder moves. Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS / LATISSIMUS /

Shoulder V

Veena Mar 3, 2011
This move is not a direct mount up onto the pole. It is a static hold and it can be used to move into a mount. If you are not familiar with the proper hand placement go back to the shoulder mount lessons to review. Also Known As: SHOULDER MOUNT V,

Shoulder Split

Veena Mar 2, 2011
I'll explain the tips you need for beautiful extension of this move. You will need a high level of flexibility and a good solid shoulder mount. Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS / LATISSIMUS / UPPER PECTORALS / DELTOIDS / TRICEPS / BICEPS / ABDOMINALS

Shoulder Super Invert

Veena Mar 4, 2011
The shoulder super invert requires you the have a solid grip and the ability to perform all of the other shoulder moves with control NOT momentum. Also Known As: SHOULDER MOUNT INVERSION, Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS / LATISSIMUS / UPPER PECTORALS /

Dragons Tail

Veena Nov 16, 2014
You'll learn several combo exits from this beautiful and impressive trick. We'll take it slow by starting off on the floor and then I'll break it down for you from a gemini on the pole. You will need a strong gemini, inverted thigh hold and shooting

Spinning Scorpio Switches

Veena Jan 12, 2015
A solid scorpio on BOTH sides is needed before working on this switch. Working on the gemini to scorpio switches is also helpful in leaning to maintain thigh contact while moving the legs. Also Known As: INSIDE LEG HANG SWITCH, Strengthens:

Spinning Gemini Switches

Veena Feb 9, 2015


Veena Aug 22, 2014
Please remember that not every pole move is right for everyone. Always stay within your abilities. Please check the related lessons listed below the main player, these are lessons that can be used to help work up to the janeiro. Strengthens:


Veena Aug 11, 2014
This is an advanced move. It will be helpful to have a solid flag grip, forearm/elbowgrip, elbowstand, and shoulder dismount. Having an understanding of these grips and moves will make this much easier. Strengthens: LATISSIMUS / PECTORALS / DELTOIDS

Half Cartwheel Mount

Veena Mar 16, 2011
Body awareness is a large part of both cartwheel, and handspring mounts. Working on elbowstands, handstands, and having solid, elbow and forearm straight edges is important before working on these moves. Strengthens: PECTORALS / LATISSIMUS / BICEPS /

Half Handspring Mount

Veena Mar 17, 2011
This is the first step in learning a full handspring mount. We'll focus on positioning of the upper body. Strengthens: PECTORALS / LATISSIMUS / BICEPS / DELTOIDS / ABDOMINALS / ERECTOR SPINAE

Cartwheel Mount

Veena Mar 18, 2011
This is one of my favorite pole moves! I'll give you tips for hand placement and proper distance from the pole. Strengthens: PECTORALS / LATISSIMUS / BICEPS / DELTOIDS / ABDOMINALS / ERECTOR SPINAE

Rockstar SPIN

Veena Aug 6, 2020
This spin is done on static only. The lean back that is needed for this dynamic spin doesn't translate well to spinning pole. If you find it difficult to keep the bottom leg anchored to the pole try placing it lower, then lean back.

Handspring Mount

Veena Mar 19, 2011
In the handspring your body is moving backwards and to the side. This is opposite than the forward motion of the cartwheel mount. Strengthens: PECTORALS / LATISSIMUS / BICEPS / DELTOIDS / ABDOMINALS / ERECTOR SPINAE


Veena Aug 23, 2010
Once you understand the concept of the cartwheel mount you can try the jackknife. Some may even find this one easier than the cartwheel because they naturally tend to turn their hips. Strengthens: PECTORALS / LATISSIMUS / BICEPS / TRICEPS / DELTOIDS

Marion Amber

Veena Nov 28, 2014
In this lesson I'll demonstrate my favorite entry into this move and we'll also learn several combo exits as well. Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / GLUTES / TRAPEZIUS / LATISSIMUS / PECTORALS / DELTOIDS / TRICEPS / ABDOMINALS / HANDS / FOREARMS

Handstand Press

Veena Jan 20, 2011
A great deal of strength and flexibility are needed for this move. Listen closely to my suggestions about hand placement. Master lifting into your elbow stands before moving on to the handstand press. Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS / DELTOIDS / TRICEPS /

Flag Invert

Veena Sep 14, 2014
The Flag Invert takes a high level of strength. I'll break down this move into the set up and then the invert. Any level can begin working on the set up. Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS / LATISSIMUS / PECTORALS / DELTOIDS / TRICEPS / BICEPS / ABDOMINALS /


Veena Nov 28, 2014
Not all moves are right for everyone. A consistently secure eros is needed for this move. I'll break it down and show slow motion movement of this trick. Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / CALVES / ADDUCTORS / ERECTOR SPINAE / ABDOMINALS / PECTORALS

Iron X

Veena Jul 24, 2012
This can be one of the most challenging pole dance moves. It may take months or years of training to hold a steady Iron X. We'll cover two different hand placements with close up views and two methods of entry. Having a solid extended butterfly is

Up-N-Over Flip

Veena Sep 24, 2014
We'll take a look at two variations of this move. The first option is the least difficult. Please keep in mind the second variation is very advanced and requires a strong invert using a side pole hold. Strengthens: PECTORALS / LATISSIMUS / BICEPS /

Full Moon

Veena Oct 29, 2014
Having a good understanding of the handspring mount will help when working on this move. I'll break it down and show you multiple angles in slow-motion. You'll also find tips for keeping the body moving vertically instead of ending up in the common,

Advanced Routine

Veena Nov 18, 2010
This is a one minute and thirty second routine. The focus is on two long advanced combos. You should work on mastering the combos first then work on the steps for the dance.
I take lessons in a studio, but between classes at home it is so helpful to have Veena's lessons to refresh my memory of what I learned in class and show me other moves I "should" be able to do based on what I already know. Instructions are so clear!
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