Date: Jul 18, 2021
This 4 week program was designed to introduce you to intermediate level pole work. I want to stress that I don't expect everyone to get every move on the first day or even by the end of the program. This is simply a guideline for you to follow so feel free to revisited it at anytime. The program is also perfect for those who'd like a planned workout that is intermediate friendly! This level 1 intermediate program will focus on Common grips, Static spins and prepping for inverts! You'll need a selection of resistance bands for this program. DIRECT LINK TO FULL PROGRAM []
Daisey Previous Paid Member
Veena has the best content for total pole dance beginners. Often if I am learning something tricky I watch a number of videos and Veena is almost always the clearest and easiest to follow. The workouts/conditioning videos are great for my whole family too
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