Tush Push

Veena Mar 20, 2014
FLOOR WORK: This is a sexy and easy way to come up to sitting from the floor. When done slowly and with control this is a great way to strengthen the triceps and chest.

Leg Show

Veena Mar 19, 2014
FLOOR WORK: This is a simple move but it can look super sexy and give you a chance to catch your breath and showcase your legs. When done with control it's also a nice hip flexor, quad and abdominal strengthener.

Sexy Pike

Veena Jan 10, 2013
FLOOR WORK: This is a great floor move to help improve hamstring flexibility and abdominal strength.

Sexy Layback

Veena Jan 24, 2013
FLOOR WORK It may look simple, but there is more to this move than meets the eye. We'll cover how to perform the layback slowly and with beautiful lines.

Booty Scoot

Veena Feb 24, 2014
FLOOR WORK: This floor move can be sexy and it's a great way to strengthen the hip flexors and abdominals.

Tick Tock Legs

Veena Oct 19, 2014
FLOORWORK: In this lesson I'll teach several different leg variations and two options for upper body placement depending on the level of intensity desired. I've also included a great trick for keeping the knees in control and together.

Floor Body Waves

Veena Mar 16, 2014
FLOOR WORK: We'll work on moving forward and backward. This is an excellent way to become more in touch with your spinal movement and abdominal control.

Hip Bump Rolls

Veena Oct 19, 2014
FLOORWORK: Hip bum rolls are a crazy fun way to strengthen the obliques and stretch the inner thighs. I'll break this floor move down into two parts.

Flip Split

Veena Jan 30, 2013
FLOOR WORK: While a high degree of flexibility is needed for this move, I provide options for those who do not yet have full splits. We'll also cover two hand placements.

Inverted Floor Split

Veena Jan 15, 2013
FLOOR WORK: My goal with this move was to do a jade on the floor. It was the balance that was an issue when grabbing the leg. To help you I've provided two hand placements. Give yourself time and play around with the alternative leg positions as

Floorwork Combo

Veena Dec 10, 2014
FLOORWORK COMBO: Please refer to the related lessons below the main player for in-depth lessons on all of these moves.

Shoulder Roll

Veena Jan 25, 2011
I'll break down three variations of this floor move. A yoga mat can make this move more comfortable if working with a hard surface. Type: FLOOR WORK

Shoulder Stand

Veena Jan 24, 2011
I'll break this move down into steps, covering a few variations for this move. Thick yoga mats can make working on this more comfortable. Type: FLOOR WORK

Floorwork Lateral Shoulder Rolls

Veena Dec 29, 2014
FLOOR WORK - ADVANCED: This sequence and combo is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. I also have a nice blooper at the end. I always start off learning new shoulder related moves on a mat or carpet. Pressure is never on the neck, instead its

Floating V

Veena Jan 9, 2013
FLOOR WORK: This floor move requires strength, balance, and flexibility. Give yourself time as this move is advanced.

Floorwork Elbow And Forearm Flip Over

Veena Jun 23, 2015
This lesson will address the issue of falling or how to flip over while in elbow or forearm stand. We'll cover a few options, including exercises to strengthen and lengthen the muscles used before working on stands. If you have knee issues do not use

Floorwork Elbowstand Pike With Leg Waves

Veena Dec 21, 2014
FLOORWORK ADVANCED: I love my leg waves and elbowstands so why not put them together.

Floorwork Forearm Stand

Veena Apr 1, 2015
FLOORWORK - ADVANCED: Please check out the related lessons for more help. Tight hamstrings, weak shoulders and weak triceps are common reasons why this position is so challenging to learn.

Booty Wiggle

Veena Jul 5, 2010
BOOTY: Remember to keep the knees straight. If your knees bend the wiggle motion wont travel through the legs as well. HAVE FUN!!

Booty Shake

Veena Jul 5, 2010
BOOTY: Again keeping the legs straight can make this one easier. RELAX wag your tail!

Booty Pop

Veena Oct 21, 2013
BOOTY: More booty is beneficial here. Try using the tips I give you to make it look more dramatic.

Booty Bounce

Veena Oct 21, 2013
BOOTY: This is my favorite!! Performing squats before you work on this one can really help you feel where your glutes are and help you learn how to isolate them.

Hip Lift

Veena Mar 14, 2014
FLOOR WORK / TRANSITION: I'll demonstrate two different entries and several variations for the legs.

Leg Waves

Veena Mar 14, 2014
FLOOR WORK: This can be a challenging movement to learn but once you understand the mechanics of the leg waves you can also use the same technique for leg waves in other pole moves.

Forearm Stand

Veena Feb 21, 2016
Please check out the related lesson for more help. Tight hamstring and weak shoulders and triceps are common reasons why this position is so challenging to learn.
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Love Veena's lessons! I did Veena's 30 day ab program and can now do straight leg V inverts, something I thought would never happen!
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