Floor Roll

Veena Dec 16, 2020
A simple but sometimes confusing floor transition. I'll make it easy peasy for you!

Leg waves

Veena Dec 9, 2020
You'll learn a few variations for Leg waves. These are great for chair dance too!

Smooth Hip Thrusts

Veena Dec 17, 2020
When you wanna channel that super sexy vibe, this is a must know move! It's also a great way to strengthen the glutes and abdominals!

Booty Scoot

Veena Dec 15, 2020
This is a fun floor butt "walk". Also check out the Crazy legs lesson for more leg options to try! Have you ever raced a fellow pole dancer this way? I have!

Crazy Legs

Veena Dec 15, 2020
These are perfect to add to the booty scoot if you like!

Double Leg Sweeps

Veena Dec 16, 2020
I'll teach you a few different ways to flow with these. Which one is your fav?

Hip bumps

Veena Dec 16, 2020
I'll show you several variations of these along with two options for arm placement. Which one works best for you? Work on the related lessons below to help reach your booty to the sky!

Knee Slides

Veena Dec 9, 2020
Knee slides are really fun IF you have knee pads. If you don't, try using two hand towels folded under your knees to allow you to slide and provide padding. Don't do this move without something over your knees. You can bend one are or both! Try the

Tush Push

Veena Dec 9, 2020
A classic move! You'll learn a few different variations and I'll show you how to come back down to the floor as well.

Leg Show

Veena Dec 9, 2020
This is a simple move but it's super sexy and gives you a chance to catch your breath and showcase your legs. When done with control it's also a nice hip flexor, quad and abdominal exercise. The Leg Show can also be used for chair dance!

Side Leg Show

Veena Dec 16, 2020
Let's learn this sexy floor move and I'll show you how to make it smooooooth!

Tick Tock Legs

Veena Dec 17, 2020
Once you understand the mechanics there are all kinds of variations you can try! Let me know how it goes, I'd love to see! Be sure to check out the Rolling Tick Tock Legs once you get these down.

Straddle Open

Veena Jul 24, 2022
Straddle opens are really popular and a fun addition to any lying leg work. Check out the related lessons for more help achieving this move.

Sexy Layback

Veena Dec 9, 2020
It may look simple, but there is more to this move than meets the eye. I'll cover how to perform the layback slowly and with beautiful lines.

Rolling Tick Tock Legs

Veena Dec 17, 2020
Make sure you've already watched the Tick Tock Leg lesson before moving on to this one. These are great to use during a performance, people love them!

Sexy Sit Up

Veena Dec 9, 2020
The sister move to Sexy Layback! Don't worry if you can't get all the way up, right away. Keep practicing this and the related lessons below to build strength and flexibility.

Sexy Pike

Veena Dec 9, 2020
This move looks sooooo sexy, it's one of my favorites. Remember to work on the Hip Lift first, then the Pike, then add the Leg waves! Getting the full move may take a few days, weeks or months! Keep practicing this lesson and the related lessons

Flip Split

Veena Dec 17, 2020
No worries if you can't do a full split, fake it, till you make it! Use whichever arm placement works best for you. With my longer limbs placing the arm in front helps control the drop, but you may prefer arm behind the leg instead.

Floor Body Waves

Veena Dec 17, 2020
I'll teach you 3 different variations of these waves! This is an excellent way to become more in touch with your spinal movement and abdominal control.

Hip Bump Rolls

Veena Dec 17, 2020
Hip bump rolls are a fun way to strengthen the obliques and stretch the inner thighs. They're perfect for covering a lot of distance if needed for choreography

Knee Pirouettes

Veena Jul 24, 2022
You need to wear knee pads for this trick! Balance and feeling dizzy is the hardest part of this trick so I've included related lessons to help with both of these things. Start with the half turn until you become comfortable with that, then move on.

Inverted Floor Split (Hip Lift Split)

Veena Dec 16, 2020
Can't do the splits? No worries, I've got different options for those who don't have the flexibility to do the splits yet, I'll also share how to position yourself to get a great looking split even if it's not actually flat! Make sure you have a

Knee slide kick

Veena Jul 24, 2022
I'll show you how to do this with and without knee pads BUT when learning use knee pads!!!! Check out the related lessons for more help with this move.

Floorwork Combo

Veena Dec 10, 2014
FLOORWORK COMBO: Please refer to the related lessons below the main player for in-depth lessons on all of these moves.

Shoulder Roll

Veena Jan 25, 2011
I'll break down three variations of this floor move. A yoga mat can make this move more comfortable if working with a hard surface. Type: FLOOR WORK

Shoulder Stand

Veena Jan 24, 2011
I'll break this move down into steps, covering a few variations for this move. Thick yoga mats can make working on this more comfortable. Type: FLOOR WORK

Floorwork Lateral Shoulder Rolls

Veena Dec 29, 2014
FLOOR WORK - ADVANCED: This sequence and combo is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. I also have a nice blooper at the end. I always start off learning new shoulder related moves on a mat or carpet. Pressure is never on the neck, instead its

Floating V

Veena Jan 9, 2013
FLOOR WORK: This floor move requires strength, balance, and flexibility. Give yourself time as this move is advanced.

Floorwork Elbow And Forearm Flip Over

Veena Jun 23, 2015
This lesson will address the issue of falling or how to flip over while in elbow or forearm stand. We'll cover a few options, including exercises to strengthen and lengthen the muscles used before working on stands. If you have knee issues do not use

Floorwork Elbowstand Pike With Leg Waves

Veena Dec 21, 2014
FLOORWORK ADVANCED: I love my leg waves and elbowstands so why not put them together.

Floorwork Forearm Stand

Veena Apr 1, 2015
FLOORWORK - ADVANCED: Please check out the related lessons for more help. Tight hamstrings, weak shoulders and weak triceps are common reasons why this position is so challenging to learn.

Booty Wiggle

Veena Jul 5, 2010
BOOTY: Remember to keep the knees straight. If your knees bend the wiggle motion wont travel through the legs as well. HAVE FUN!!

Booty Shake

Veena Jul 5, 2010
BOOTY: Again keeping the legs straight can make this one easier. RELAX wag your tail!

Booty Pop

Veena Oct 21, 2013
BOOTY: More booty is beneficial here. Try using the tips I give you to make it look more dramatic.

Booty Bounce

Veena Oct 21, 2013
BOOTY: This is my favorite!! Performing squats before you work on this one can really help you feel where your glutes are and help you learn how to isolate them.

Hip Lift

Veena Mar 14, 2014
FLOOR WORK / TRANSITION: I'll demonstrate two different entries and several variations for the legs.

Beginner Floor Routine

Veena Dec 23, 2020
Be sure to watch the individual lessons listed below for in-depth instruction for each move we'll be using. If you took a video using this routine I'd love to see it!
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