Week 1 - Body waves

Veena Jan 14, 2021
This weeks VIP plan is all about improving Body Waves. If you feel stiff and want to become more fluid this plan is for you! IF WATCHING FULL SCREEN MAKE EXIT OUT TO SEE THE RELATED LESSONS! Flowmotion Pelvic tilt 1 - minute Flowmotion reverse

Week 2 - Feet

Veena Jan 15, 2021
This weeks Veena's Inspiring Pole plan will focus on feet! NO POLE is needed for these exercises, give them a try 3 times a week. Toe points (how to point the foot) 2 Sets 30 to 60 seconds each foot. Soleus Raises 3 sets. 10 to 20

Week 3 - Gemini (outside leg hang)

Veena Jan 18, 2021
ALL LEVELS welcome as I'll have options for everyone in the Gemini lesson. Regardless of your level you can get started on your journey to Gemini by working on the stretches and strength moves anytime! Regardless of level give these exercises and

Week 4 - Save your Shoulders

Veena Jan 18, 2021
I suggest performing the Shoulder Conditioning Routine weekly. Also finish every pole session with stretches for the shoulders, wrists and hands. Perform 1 -3 sets of 10 -20 reps of all EXERCISES listed 1 to 3 times a week. 3 times a week if you're

Week 5 - Attitude

Veena Jan 25, 2021
Week 5 VIP plan is all about Attitude 😎 You might also know this as a Pinwheel. I've recently uploaded 5 new lessons that use the attitude pose! I'll share methods for both static and spinning pole and you'll learn a few grip options as

Week 6 - Core Strength (NO POLE NEEDED)

Veena Jan 25, 2021
Week 6 VIP plan is hard core 😉 (NO POLE NEEDED) I've chosen 3 individual exercises, 2 routines and the Back Mobility routine, because beautiful back bends aren't simply about stretching farther. You need to build core strength to properly hold

Week 7 - Ballerina

Veena Jan 25, 2021
This weeks VIP plan is all about the Ballerina pose I'm sharing 3 new lessons. The Ballerina, Twisted Ballerina and the Roxie spin. Even though you'll find these lessons in the intermediate section I have options for beginners this week

Week 8 - Hip holds (Thigh holds)

Veena Jan 25, 2021
This weeks VIP plan is all about hip holds. You might also know them as thigh holds. I'm sharing 2 different hip hold lessons with multiple variations included. The exercises and stretches I've included will also help you with Jade once you're

Week 9 - Elbow Stands

Veena Jan 31, 2021
This plan is all about Elbow Stands. Work on whichever level of stand is appropriate for your body. 3 times per week. Moves for the week.....Elbow stand (prep) Elbow stand sit up. Elbow stand. DANCE ROUTINE for the week Exercises for the

Week 10 - Superman

Veena Jan 31, 2021
Even if you've just started pole dancing you can give this plan a try because I've included no invert entries! You'll learn static and spinning pole techniques, fun exits and the Superman spin as well. Moves for the week... Do all moves 3 times per
carolshop47326 Paid Member
After 18 days, I feel like I have gotten stronger. My Ayesha is now very solid, and I hope to be able to handspring into it at some point. The lessons are also filling in some gaps in my skillset, such as pirouettes
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