Date: Jul 30, 2016
In this video I'll cover what you'll need to know before getting started. I'll also provide you with important tips for using the program. This program can be used as a workout plan all on its own or added into your normal routine. Just be sure to rest on suggested rest days. Click here to start! []
SayraLet's do this!
Jul 31, 2016
Runemist34I'm loving these new videos, Veena. I can really tell you're so much more comfortable in front of the camera, and these are awesome, enjoyable videos that I'm really looking forward to starting soon!
Jul 31, 2016
Goat on a PoleVeena, I'm about halfway through the caterpillar program, focusing a lot on my strength but I think I'm getting to the point where I generally feel strong enough to add a bit more on so I thought I'd start the flow program as well. I figure I'll just go slowly through this program, adding on, and make sure my rest days match up. Does that sound reasonable? I was between the flow and flexibility programs as an add-on..
Nov 2, 2016
VeenaYes, that should work 😊
Nov 2, 2016
Just Watch MeSooooo happy to be back!!!
Feb 20, 2017
Just Watch MeHey Veena, silly question. Are we to do the warm up and the individual stretches also or is that just for reference?
Feb 21, 2017
VeenaDo everything I have listed below in the order it's listed 😊
Feb 21, 2017
Just Watch MeThank you for the clarity
Feb 21, 2017
RebelReggaeDancerVeena, I just completed the 30 beg program. Do you suggest I move down the list of programs in order? I.E. Flow, invert, caterpillar, shoulder mount?
May 1, 2017
VeenaWorking down the list of moves is good. Or try the invert program is you can do the required moves for it. Watch the first video in a any section and you can decide what appeals to you.
May 2, 2017
RebelReggaeDancerAlright! I definitely need to start practicing a flow. Excited to start today. Thanks so much Veena!
May 2, 2017
Ldadams426622Veena, I think I will start this flow program to increase my flow. Thanks!
Nov 2, 2018
mystical Paid Memberim going to start this tomorrow or Monday, i been wanting to work on choreography and flow, this would be perfect.
Nov 3, 2019
I just wanted to drop you a note because I continue to be impressed with your lesson plans. Not only to your attention to details, but your focus on preventing injury.
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