Getting Started

Veena May 15, 2011
This video will explain how to use the Lessons. Please watch before moving on to other lessons. Beginners, use the Pole Strength Lessons and Conditioning lessons for the first 2-4 weeks. Then move on to Pole Work. OR TRY OUR 30 DAY

Tips for Success

Veena May 16, 2011
This video will share some tips for success when using the lessons.

Basic Warm Up

Veena Oct 13, 2013
This 11 Minute, Full Body warm up is great for warming your body, and the pole too!

Hard Core Warm Up

Veena Dec 5, 2012
This is an 8 minute, Core Strengthening Warm Up! It can be used on its own at anytime to condition the core, or as a warm up if you like. Intermediate and Advanced dancers, try using it before or after the Pole Strength Routine for a great workout!

Express Warm Up

Veena Dec 10, 2012
This is a 6 minute warm up! This one will get your heart pumping! You'll see different options for all levels, please use them. If you need help with balance feel free to use the pole or a wall until you feel more stable, then try to do this without

Pole Squat

Veena Apr 22, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 8-15 reps 2-4 Sets. This is a fantastic way to shape and tone your booty and your entire lower body!!! If your short on time perform this exercise only for the lower body only, then move on to upper body. Strengthens: Glutes,

Pole Plie

Veena Apr 22, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 8-15 Reps 1-4 Sets. Another variation of our Pole Squat. Work within your range of motion. Strengthens, Glutes, Adductors, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps.

Forward Lunge

Veena Apr 22, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 1 or 2 sets of 10 to 15 reps. When you can do 15 then add one more set. Another great exercise to build your lower body strength and lift your booty! Strengthens: Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings

Pole Leg Lifts

Veena Apr 23, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 1-3 Sets 6-12 Reps. A great lower body exercise. This is excellent for those who would like to focus on improving leg extension, adding grace and beauty to your pole dance. Strengthens: Hip Flexors, Hamstrings, Quadriceps,

Single Leg Squat

Veena Apr 23, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 1-3 Sets 6-12 Reps. Beginners stay with the Pole Squat until you can perform 3 sets of 10 reps, then move on to the Single Leg variation. This Lower body strength move is more Advanced than the Pole Squat, be sure to check your

Pole Hold Strength

Veena Apr 24, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 1-15 Reps 1-4 Sets. This is a MUST LEARN move!! Working on this strength move BEFORE moving on to any spins or inverts will be very important. Increase the level of difficulty by holding the position longer. DECREASE the level

Pole Row

Veena Apr 24, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 8-15 Reps 1-3 Sets. In this strength exercise you will be using your pole to help you strengthen the muscles of your upper back and biceps. Strengthens: Latissimus, Posterior Deltoids, Biceps, Abdominals

Pole Triceps Push

Veena Apr 25, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 2-4 Sets 8-15 reps. Be sure to switch sides equally. In pole dance we use our biceps and back heavily, its important to perform this opposing muscle group exercise to balance things out. Strengthens: Triceps, Pectorals,

Pole Shoulder Press

Veena Apr 25, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 1-3 Sets 8-15 Reps. This exercise is not easy! Start with as many as you can working with in your range of motion. Beginner start with the chair. Strengthens: Trapezius, Deltoids, Triceps

Leg Hook Side Crunch

Veena Apr 21, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: Perform 8-15 reps, 2-4 sets. Not only is this a great way to strengthen the obliques, its also perfect for working on balance and the Knee Pit Grip! Strengthens, Obliques, Hamstrings, Adductors, Abductors, Erector Spinea

Knee Tuck

Veena Apr 20, 2011
POLE STRENGTH: I'll cover a few variations for this exercise. Perform 8-15 reps, 2-4 sets. Strengthens, Biceps, Abdominals, Hip Flexors, Latissimus, Trapezius, Rhomboids, Pectorals


Veena Apr 25, 2011
POLE STRENGTH This routine can be used once you have a good understanding of all the Pole Strength lessons. It is designed to burn fat, increase muscle stamina and improve your cardiovascular fitness! Think of a muscle pump class but done with your

Basic Pole Walk

Veena Feb 10, 2014
TRANSITION This transition is so simple but it will provide you with some very important information. You'll see another Pole Walk lesson, later on in the lessons before you begin working on spins. Pole walking will teach you how to properly hold

Sexy Walk

Veena Feb 25, 2014
TRANSITION No one wants to wander from pole to pole looking stiff as a board! This lesson will provide you with fun, flirty variations on walks! This walk is also great practice for balance!

Pull in Walk

Veena Feb 28, 2014
TRANSITION This is a fun walk variation that can add a sexy or interesting element to a dance.

Cross Steps

Veena Feb 19, 2014
TRANSITION This is a good transition to use when you need to catch your breath, it's can be done as a fun and flirty transition or slow and sexy.

Figure 8 Toe Drag

Veena Feb 24, 2014
TRANSITION This is a great transition to use when you need to catch your breath, I'll show you a few variations!

Hip Circles

Veena Feb 28, 2014
TRANSITION Hip circles are sexy, and a great way to warm up for pole dance! They can be used as a transition to allow you time to catch your breath.

Hip Waves

Veena Mar 21, 2014
TRANSITION Hip waves are not hip circles, I'll explain the difference. I'll also demonstrate 2 different ways to perform hip waves! Working on hip waves can strengthen the obliques and lower back!

Pole Kicks

Veena Mar 4, 2014
TRANSITION I'll cover both low and high kicks and I'll demonstrate interesting kicks and variations for all levels of flexibility!

Body Wave

Veena Feb 13, 2014
TRANSITION This is such a sexy transition, and it's a great workout for the abdominals, it can also help improve spinal mobility.

Reverse Body Wave

Veena Mar 6, 2014
TRANSITION This is an interesting variation of the Body wave, it's a great transition allowing you to take a break. Reversing the body wave can be challenging, but I'll break it down step by step. This is also a great training for the abdominals and

Sexy Plie Squat

Veena Mar 13, 2014
TRANSITION I'll give you tips and two options for hand placement, this transition is also a great way to strengthen the legs!

Under Pole Turn (Pirouette)

Veena Jan 27, 2014
TRANSITION We'll take a look at turning under the arm on both the inside and outside legs, I'll also cover continuous turns (Pirouettes) around the pole. These are sometimes referred to as Quick pole turns.

Across Pole Turn (Pirouette)

Veena Jan 26, 2014
TRANSITION In this video I'll cover what I call the Across Pole Turn, we'll look at turning on both the inside and outside legs, with the outside hand reaching ACROSS the body! We'll also look at switching directions with the turn! These are

Side to Side Turn

Veena Mar 6, 2014
TRANSITION This is a simple yet beautiful transition, you'll learn two variations and I'll teach you how to flow through each turn creating continuous movement.

Step Around

Veena Mar 22, 2014
TRANSITION This is an impressive and fun transition! I'll take you through it step by step, once you understand the basics add your own style to it!

Shoulder Slide

Veena Jan 28, 2011
TRANSITION This transition will not only strengthen the body but it's a great way to become familiar with the Cup Grip hand and shoulder placement used in the Shoulder Mount!

Back Bend

Veena Feb 5, 2014
TRANSITION This is a beautiful transition move, I'll cover 2 variations for different levels of flexibility.

Back Bend Slide

Veena Feb 8, 2014
TRANSITION This Transition is the sister move for the previous Back Bend lesson. I'll cover different was to enter using both the inside and outside leg.

Easy Up

Veena Jan 21, 2014
TRANSITION This is a transition from the floor back to standing. Have fun and make it your own, keeping in mind that leg variations increase the difficulty level.

Slink Up

Veena Mar 13, 2014
TRANSITION to standing. This is one of my favorite ways to come up to standing, I'll break it down step by step!

Spin Up

Veena Jan 31, 2014
TRANSITION In this lesson I'll cover 3 different grips and also variations for legs! Remember to work on both sides!

Hip Lift

Veena Mar 14, 2014
FLOOR WORK or TRANSITION I'll demonstrate 2 different entries and several variations for the legs.

Leg Waves

Veena Mar 14, 2014
FLOOR WORK This can be a challenging movement to learn, but once you understand the mechanics of the leg waves you can also use the same technique for leg waves in other pole moves, like Ayashas, Shouldermounts and so on!

Pole Hold

Veena Dec 17, 2014
This move should look familiar!! We have worked on the Pole Hold in our strength training section. This is a very important move to understand, it will protect you from injury and help you move smoothly into more advanced pole work. It is a beginner

Side Pole Hold

Veena Sep 13, 2014
We have worked on the Pole Hold in our strength training and beginner section. The SIDE pole hold is also a very important move to understand, it will protect you from injury and help you move smoothly into Inverts. It is a beginner strength building

Pole Sit

Veena Aug 14, 2014
The Pole Sit is a must know move. We will be working on many other moves from this position. Do not feel rushed to remove the hands, take your time. NOTE: A warm body and pole are a must for this move. Strengthens: Adductors, Glutes, Abdominals,

Basic Pole Climb

Veena Jan 24, 2015
The Basic Climb is a great way to build up strength! It is not something that everyone will be able to master right way, but it is very important to work on. Having the strength to pole climb will aid in learning to invert. Strengthens: Adductors,


Veena Jan 26, 2015
The crucifix is a great strength builder and we will be using our crucifix as a way to transition in and out of moves. Don't worry about releasing the hands at first, this takes time. Remember to switch sides, swapping hand and leg placement.

Fan Legs

Veena Feb 20, 2014
TRANSITION I'll cover 3 variations for this move, including one that does not require ANY lifting of the body! You'll also learn how to do one fan legs from one side to another. This transition is a bit more advanced then most of them. Fan Legs

Basic Plank

Veena Nov 18, 2014
Also Known As: Reverse Superwoman, Reverse Superman. Once you have a solid Pole Sit you can began working on the Basic Plank. The Plank is an important one to master before working on your Cross Knee and Cross Ankle Releases. Strengthens: Adductors,


Veena Jan 14, 2015
I will show you 3 ways to move up into Elbowstand so all levels of flexibility and strength can work on this! Elbowstands can help you become accustom to the inverted feeling and it will allow you to work on some more advanced pole moves from the

Wrist Sit

Veena Aug 15, 2010
Also Known As: Eye Opener Hello Boys V Sit Please feel free to move past this lesson if performing a Pole Hold is not yet possible. Once you understand the pole sit you can begin working on this move. Take Note: If this bothers your

Reverse Handstand

Veena Aug 17, 2010
We will be using this move to work on intermediate and advanced pole moves. The Basic Invert can take time to work up to.....using a Reverse Handstand can be a great way to learn the position for inverted tricks without having to perform a basic

Basic Dismount

Veena Aug 22, 2010
Its important to learn how to move out of an inverted position. This will give you a better understanding of a simple way to exit out of an invert. Strengthens: Adductors and Hamstrings

Thigh Rest

Veena Jan 3, 2015
Also Known As: Jamilla, or Anchor. This move will introduce you to the Partial Split Grip! You will also find a conditioning tip to help prepare the body for this move if a full thigh rest is not yet possible! Pay attention to the positioning of the

Getting Started Spins

Veena Mar 29, 2012
This video will explain the structure of the static and spinning pole lessons. When viewing the spin lessons remember the 3 types of spins listed in the video. Not every lesson will include spinning pole. This video will also serve as a guide for

Spinning Pole Tips

Veena Mar 28, 2012
This is a short introduction to spin mode! I'll explain the differences between static spins and spinning pole spins. Slow and controlled movements are the key to quality continuous momentum. You'll find detailed instruction on spin mode at the

Pole Walk (for spins)

Veena Apr 4, 2012
This is an important lesson. I'll be giving you tips on how to give your spins more momentum. Also we'll go over the proper placement for your upper body and hands.

Half Spin

Veena May 25, 2013
Spin Grip - Forward 2 hand. The Half Spin is a good first step to prepare the mind and body for spins. If you're unsure about "neutral scapula" Please refer back to the Forward and Back Lesson listed in the "related lessons"

Pole Hold Hop

Veena Apr 18, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 2 Hand. This is a fun beginner introduction to the Pole Hold Spin!

Extended Leg Spin

Veena Apr 24, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 2 hand This pretty spin is great for the beginner! We'll take a look at both Static and Spinning Pole along with leg variations!


Veena Apr 12, 2012
Spin Grip - Lateral 2 Hand. The Prance is a half spin and can be used as a transition as well!

Half Cradle

Veena Apr 30, 2012
Spin Grip - Lateral Partial Split Grip. This half spin is also a nice transition. We'll take a look at proper hand and body placement, preparing for the full Cradle.


Veena May 5, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 2 Hands. In the Fireman spin, you'll be lifting BOTH feet off the floor! This is a more advanced beginner spin. I'll cover both Static pole and Spinning pole. Remember Beginners should stay with the static from standing

Flirty Fireman

Veena May 11, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 2 hand. A variation of the Fireman! This lesson includes both static and spinning pole.

Knees Spin

Veena May 15, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 2 Hand. This is an advanced, beginner spin. I'll cover both static and spinning pole technique.

Plank Spin

Veena Jun 11, 2012
Spin Hold - Forward 2 Hand. I'll cover both static and spinning pole! This is not a physically demanding spin, however, it does require hamstring flexibility and strong hip flexors. If the Pike leg position is difficult continue to stretch and

Ankle Attitude

Veena May 17, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 2 Hand. A more advanced beginner spin, remember to start with the Static from Standing variation first. I'll cover both Static pole and Spinning!

Back Hook

Veena May 25, 2013
Spin Grip - Lateral 2 Hand. In this spin we'll take a look at how to pivot sending the body backwards around your pole!! I'll cover both Static and Spinning pole.

Reverse Attitude

Veena May 22, 2012
Spin Grip - Lateral 2 Hand. Once there is an understanding of the Back Hook, the Reverse Attitude is another great beginner spin! We'll take a look at both static pole and spinning pole.

Beginner Routine

Veena Mar 16, 2014
This is a beginner level routine. All of the moves listed can be found in this beginner section. Enjoy!
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