True Grip – Cup Grip – Palm Grip (FREE)

Welcome beginners! Let’s look at 3 fundamental hand grips you’ll use as a beginner.

True grip – This fundamental grip is a hold you’ll use often in pole dance. Other names for this grip are: Baseball grip, Shake grip, Crush grip.

Cup grip – This fundamental grip requires finger strength. In this grip all of the fingers are on the same side of the pole, including the thumbs. Imagine cupping the hands to splash water on your face. There are different ways to space the thumbs to increase or decrease the amount power you’ll have in this grip. You’ll learn more about that later! Other names for this grip are: Shoulder Mount Grip.

Palm grip. This grip is not as common. Here you’ll see it’s used for some split grips, transitions, static spins and holds on spinning pole. Other names for this grip are: Open Palm Grip and Pushing Grip.