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Let’s briefly cover tips for proper alignment of the shoulders, elbows and wrists when arms are reaching overhead. You’ll also get to know the movements of the scapula, learning how to add external rotation of the humerus/arm bone to create more space, reducing the risk of impingement. You’ll practice moving the clavicle, scapula and humerus as one which will dramatically decrease your risk of injury.

Did you know the cue of pull the shoulders back and down doesn’t always apply when holding our bodies up? Here’s a general rule to follow:

Start all movements from neutral scapula and if your HANDS are at or BELOW head height, pull the scapula back and down as you lift the body.

If the HANDS are OVER the head, allow the scapula to lift up with the clavicle and arm bone as you hold the body. Forcefully pulling the scapula/shoulders back and down before raising the arms over head can cause shoulder impingement. Meaning the ball (end of the arm bone) runs into the top of the socket and rubs against the rotator cuff tendons. So when reaching overhead, let your scapula rise too, then engage your shoulder and back muscles!


  1. It’s fix…I forget I have to set to free as these are new. There’s a bunch more on the way as well. Check the new lessons section for all new stuff!

  2. First of all thank you for the quick reply 😍 Secondly, that means that I should keep doing until feels more natural? or I should do any other exercise to get more used to this position? (like the one you suggest for who don’t get the arms side by side to the ears)

  3. After browsing trough beginner lessons again, I found this. This is really interresting. Why do so much pole instructors (even online) give the advice to pull the shoulders back and down for example in spins? Or do they mean something different when the say that?

  4. Yes this sounds like most people just chatter like they heard it. I remember to hear this shoulder back and down A LOT. I did once a self experiment on this and when I follow their suggestion my shoulders and the whole arm-shoulder-neck positioning feels very weird. Lucky me, I didn’t give much on that words. I came deeper with this topic as I read a blog recently by the pole physio. She wrote similar things like you explain in your video and text. This is a very import point I think and it is totally underestimated, although it’s already like a standard “advice” we hear a lot in pole tutorials.
    So thank you for explaining it in your video! 💜

  5. Hello Veena, hope all is good with you 🥰
    I have been in a pole class where we are doing an exercise that I am not sure if it is safe to the shoulders. Let see if I can explain it and you can tranquilize me 🤣
    1 start in front to the pole.
    2 put both arms straight and hold the pole in a true grip.
    3 from it pull your body up and down using the shoulder blade withe the arms always straight and holding the pole in a true grip with both hands one above the other. The front belly touch the pole.

    Is it safe to our shoulders? I am feeling a small pain on the left shoulder and sore in the clavicle, but not sure if it is due a new strength movement or if it is a sign of stop doing thar 😅

    Following your clases I never had pains so I trust you soo much even I never had a presential class with you 🤭

  6. PS: forgot to mention that when we pull ourselves up we raise and stay with feets in points. There was people doing from an higher position so the movement was done from an hanging position as well. No floor support. All shoulders strength movement.

  7. It sounds like you might be doing kinda a shoulder shrug while holding your body on the the pole. It might seem like a good exercise but this is a movement not everyone’s shoulders will like. Here are my thoughts, anytime you feel any sharp pain especially with shoulders or hips you want to stop that movement or at least use less range of motion, if you must use that movement. Everyone’s shoulder anatomy is generally the same but there can be small variations that make some moves not appropriate for that person. Just because we all do have different bodies. If someone has a very large range of motion and good strength, there are lots of movements we can do with our shoulder without issues. However, if we have tightness or weakness in one area of our shoulder girdle then pain and injury can occur. For now, try using a tennis ball on the tender area of the shoulder. This might help loosen things up if it’s just tights. Try using a smaller range of motion the next time you do this exercise in class or ask for an alternative exercise. This would be a good option if I’m understanding the exercise you explained correctly Try it and let me know if you find you have the same pain.

  8. Thank you so much for your time to reply me ❤️
    I will try the tennis ball and do the exercise link you sent me. It seems to be the same movement between 00:42 and 00:59, maybe an angle intermedium as I am holding the pole. I will try it later, as at the moment I am recovering from an intercostal muscle strain and I can only do a couple of movements very controlled. AS soon I can I try and I will let you know. Once again, thank you a million!!! YOU ARE THE BEST ❤️

  9. Intercontinental strains are frustrating! I’m dealing with one from lifting weights. You might find that doing the version I sent might feel better for you than hanging and lifting your body. Let me know if it still hurts and we can figure it out. Oh these massages will fell good too Ball chest roll Underarm

  10. True!!! The hardest part is that the biggest pain happens when I laugh so I need to control to no laugh. It has already been 2 weeks, the worst scenario is to take 6 weeks. So counting down, more 4 weeks to go 😅🤭

    You are right!!! I tried the inverted shrugs and didn’t hurt at all. For the pike one, I just heard a little cracking on both blades, but no pain at all.

    I will try the ball roll. So far I can’t touch the area by making pressure but I will see.

    The underarm video doesn’t play for me.

    Thank you so much 🥰
    Hope you recover quickly from your strain.

  11. Hi Veena 😊
    Hope your intercoastal strain muscle is better. Mine got a quicker recovery after I used a small portion application of hypericum oil in the section. Check with your doctor if it is okay for you to try applying it.

    I am at 90% now. Just very specific movements I can detect that if I push will hurt, but it was a so quick recover after I applied it (just applied it once) that I needed to share it with you 🥰