Knee Pit Grip Class (Free)

Welcome to my Knee Pit Grip Class! Today I’ll be covering nine different pole tricks (listed below with links) some of which are advanced. Direct links for all are listed below. You will not need to perform, nor are you expected or encouraged to perform the tricks in order to benefit from the information. Always watch my full tutorials for each trick before using this class and listen to your body, staying within your comfort level, using a spotter and mat when training unfamiliar tricks.

Items you’ll need for this class:

  • A pole – However, you can learn a lot by just watching. Also, only one exercise uses the pole and none of the stretches require a pole.
  • Circle resistance band

Strength workout starts at minute: 8:09

Stretches start at minute: 1:26:45

Nine trick demos start at minute: 41:00

Tips for a secure knee pit grip:

  • 1. Skin MUST be tacky: Don’t even try to work on knee pit grips if there isn’t tackiness to your skin. This means if you’re skin is dry or cold, the pole is too cold, your too sweaty or the finish you’re working with isn’t working well for your skin you’ll need to find a grip aid or use sticky leggings. I can’t stress enough….knee pit grips require tacky skin.
  • 2. Lacking strength in these key areas:
    • Hamstrings: Depending on the trick you’re working on you’ll use other muscle groups too, but the hamstring is the main muscle used in any style of knee pit grip. The exception are tricks like stargazer where you’re using the inside knee pit, this requires strong adductors. If you haven’t been strengthening these muscle groups, no worries this class will provide exercises!
    • Inverts: If you’re trying to work on tricks like gemini/outside leg hang a big issue I see if weak inverts. If you’re not able to complete the invert by getting the hips high enough so the knee clears the hand, you’re not ready to work on gemini. It’s that simple, if your inverts are hit or miss,
    • Upper body holds: For example if you’re trying to do a side climb, it’s important you don’t rely only on your legs, if you do it will be far more painful! Other poses like genie or any other trick you might get into from up on the pole will require strength in your upper body so you can get your lower body into place.
  • 3. Different areas of the knee pit are used depending on the trick: Understand everyone’s P.O.C.s points of contact will vary depending on pole diameter, leg circumference and limb length. Here are areas of the knee pit we use:
    • Center/full
    • Outside
    • Inside

Here is the list of tricks listed in progressive order:

Beginner knee pit grips

Side Sit

Side sit up

Side climb



Gemini/Outside leg hang

Brass Monkey

Of course I have many other knee pit tricks you can learn here, but if you understand these nine, you’ll have a much easier time learning any of the others.

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I’d love to hear how it went for you feel free to leave a comment or send me a private message here or my Instagram. If you’d like to message me here, just add me to your “connections” and we can communicate privately.