Beginner Knee Pit Grips

Now let’s take a look at 3 knee pit grips you’ll use as a beginner. Insuring these grips are solid will help you advance to more challenging tricks like Leg hangs, Genie and Brass monkey. Remember this is just a demo, you’ll find more in-depth information in the tutorials in which you’ll use your Knee pits. Hip rotation is an important element for changing which area of the Knee pit you’ll use.

Full – This grip requires the knee to be inline with the hip. This means some of you will need to work on improving your hip mobility. This grip is not as common as the Inside and Outside knee pit grips.

Outside – To target the inside of the knee pit you’ll want to place the knee slightly or a lot higher than the hip. The amount of height needed will depend on the diameter of the pole, the length of your limbs and the trick your working on.

Inside – This leg grip is similar to the Elbow grip concept. You’ll want the knee a bit higher than the hip and you’ll need to “lock” into place with some internal rotation from the hip.