Intermediates Guide (FREE)

Veena Jun 9, 2022
This video offers information on how to use the intermediate tutorials! Let me know if you have any questions! Here are direct links to each of the programs: INTER, LEVEL 1

Gun Grip and Claw Grip

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate two grip that we'll use more once you've reached intermediate level. The Gun Grip and Claw grip!

Intermediate Twisted Grip and Claw Grip

Veena May 6, 2020
This video will give you a close look at two common grips used for shoulder holds and mount. The twisted grip and claw grip. We will learn more about these later on in the lessons.

Double Elbow Grip

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate the Double Elbow Grip. TIP: If you're using a phone TAP the video then click the 4 arrows at the bottom of the video to see this FULL SCREEN!

Funny Grip

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate the Funny Grip and give a few tips for using it safely. Not all holds are right for everybody so feel free to skip this one if it doesn't work for you. We'll learn more about this hold later on.

Flag Hold

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate the Flag Hold and intermediate grip. This version the body is facing down not turned to the side.

Intermediate Invert Grips

Veena May 6, 2020
This video will familiarize you with common grips used to invert and transition from! I'll show you 4 different grip combinations. The PUSH GRIP (top arm true, bottom push) is used when spinning forward and inverting on spinning pole.

Split Grips

Veena Jun 2, 2020
This video will demonstrate 4 different split grips with close up views of proper hand and shoulder placement.

Double Knee Pit Grip

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate the Double Knee Pit Grip, uses in moves and as transitions to moves. Don't worry about doing these just yet, this video is just showing what the grip is.

Barrel Rolls

Veena Sep 15, 2020
These are listed as Intermediate only because you should have a solid side pole hold before working on Barrel rolls. I'm showing this on a static pole, keep in mind if your pole is on spin it will move with you a bit! Don't rush into the drop down


Veena Jul 7, 2020
I'll teach you a few leg variations and we'll take a look at spinning pole too!

Reverse Side SPIN

Veena Jul 7, 2020
This is a fun one! Be sure you've check out my Side spin lesson and the Step around both listed below the main player.

Standing Fireman SPIN

Veena May 25, 2020
We we do this spin on spinning pole we're using the Crucifix pose!


Veena Jun 11, 2020
This spin can be fun and FAST. There's no need to jump into this spin. When using the method of momentum generation I demonstrate in the lesson you'll gain speed and there will be no need for jumping!


Veena Jun 11, 2020
This is a tough one! I'll show you two different grips and static and spinning pole versions.

Pole Hold SPIN

Veena Jul 17, 2020
You should already be able to do Pole Hops before working on this spin. We'll look at both static and spinning pole! This spin is an excellent strength builder. Try using different leg positions to change the look! : ABDOMINALS / LATISSIMUS / TERES

Cradle SPIN

Veena Jul 17, 2020
Don't confuse this with the TUCK spin, in tuck spin the hands are together. For Cradle we're using a split grip. Imagine lifting into spins and flowing around the pole. Play around with different leg variations. Remember a strong thigh rest is

Front Hook SPIN

Veena Jul 18, 2020
This spin is performed with the body off to the side of the pole. It requires more strength then forward pole facing spins. I'll cover both static and spinning pole technique. You'll learn a few grip options.

Forward Attitude SPIN

Veena Jun 1, 2020
The Forward facing attitude spin requires strong shoulders and hand grip. I'll give you a few different options for arm placement choose the one that works best for you.

Chair SPIN

Veena Jun 18, 2020
The Chair spin is a prerequisite for learning the Reverse Grab. I'll show you 2 different hand placements and you'll learn a Reverse Chair spin and a combo!

Carousel SPIN

Veena Jun 12, 2020
This video will show you the Carousel, V carousel and Straight leg version. I'll teach you multiple ways to grip the pole as well. If you're struggling with these be sure to check out the related lessons below the main player. Working on all of these

Flying Fireman SPIN

Veena Jul 17, 2020
This is such a fun variation of a Fireman spin, it really does feel like you're flying!

Reverse Elbow and Handstand

Veena May 9, 2020
We will be using these moves to work on intermediate and advanced pole moves. Using a reverse elbow or handstand can be a great way to learn the position for inverted tricks without having to perform a basic invert! Remember, the basic invert can

Plank (Thigh slide) Dismount

Veena May 29, 2020
This exit is a great option for those who don't feel comfortable doing a reverse handstand out from inverted poses. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / GLUTES / PECTORALS / POSTERIOR DELTOIDS / TRICEPS / ABDOMINALS

Twisted Dismount

Veena Aug 9, 2020
This exit is a fun way to come down to the floor. I'll show you on both static and spinning pole. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS

Spin Dismount

Veena Aug 17, 2020
I'll demonstrate both static and spinning pole. This is a fun way to exit from Inverted Crucifix or Reverse Handstand. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / ABDOMINALS / SHOULDERS / TRAPIZUS

X Ankle Climb

Veena Jul 17, 2020
This climb is so pretty on spinning pole! We'll take a look at static first so you can get a better grip on things like timing! You need to be able to hold a Split Grip (just for a second) before working on this climb. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS /

Side Climb

Veena May 11, 2020
In this lesson I'll teach you how to side climb on static pole, add spin to the static climb and we'll look at spinning pole as well. This is a strength building climb and can be useful as a transition. It's a good option for those who need extra

Performance Side Climb

Veena May 12, 2020
This climb is the "pretty" side climb and it creates lovely lines! It requires a bit more strength than the Side climb because you do not have the knee pit to help you hold the body up. I'll show you static variations and spinning pole. Strengthens:

Attitude climb

Veena May 25, 2020
This climb is so pretty when done slowly on spinning pole as I'll demonstrate towards the end of this lesson. Even with a static pole you can use this unique climb to add interest! Strengthens: LEG ADDUCTORS / LEG ABDUCTORS / HIP FLEXORS / TIBIALIS

Flag Hold (Prep)

Veena Sep 27, 2020
There are to main ways to approach this hold. Facing the pole and to the side of the pole. This lesson will focus mainly on the side of the pole option as it's usually easier for most dancer. I'll cover static and spinning pole. Strengthens:


Veena May 25, 2020
Working on the Figurehead can help prepare the body for aerial inverts! Pay close attention to the P.O.C's it will help tremendously. Also Known As: MAIDEN HEAD / TITANIC, Muscles Strengthened: ABDOMINALS / LATISSIMUS / TRAPPEZIUS / ROMBOIDS /

Two hand plank

Veena Jul 7, 2020
I can't stress how important having a solid Pole Sit before working on planks. Also as with all leg grips, make sure you're pole is warm and your skin is tacky so you will have maximum grip on the pole. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / GLUTES / ABDOMINALS /

Remi Sit

Veena Sep 27, 2020
The Remi sit doesn't have to be painful!!! For real! Let me show you the technique that will get you sitting pretty without a fake smile. I'll demonstrate static and spinning pole. We will be using the Inside Knee Pit Grip. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS

Cross Knee Release

Veena Jul 28, 2020
I'll teach you from the floor first, so if you're a beginner feel free to give this a try from there. I'll also teach you the trick to keep the pole off the tailbone! A solid pole sit is a must before working on this move. Also Known As: CKR /

Cross Ankle Release

Veena Jul 28, 2020
Note: If you're bow legged, the Cross Knee Release may work better for you. For the most part the CAR and CKR are interchangeable. I'll start you from the floor so beginners feel free to try this option. Also Known As: CAR / LAYBACK, Strengthens:

Elbow Stand

Veena Aug 17, 2020
The key to any "stand" is consistent practice! I'll show you how to deadlift and share other leg options. Body alignment important so film yourself and watch it back. Don't be afraid to use a wall and remember if you are strong enough! You got this!

Elbow Stand Sit Up

Veena Jul 29, 2020
This is a great transition from the floor to the pole. Remember strong shoulders and abs are key to this sit up. Check out the related lessons below the main player for lessons that will help you work up to this move. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS /


Veena May 11, 2020
Inverts are a big milestone and very exciting but before working on inverts you MUST understand and have a solid Side Pole Hold. Once you can consistently invert with a leg sweep, then move on to the V invert lesson. Where I will teach you spinning

Inverted Crucifix

Veena May 9, 2020
The inverted crucifix is the key to understanding the leg position needed for a nice caterpillar. If you're new to this move stay with static pole until you become very comfortable with the hold. The body is close to the pole making the spin very

The Doll

Veena Jul 30, 2020
Performed with a smile, ouch it hurts! This fun pose will take advantage of your front arm pit hold. With a good aerial side pole hold and knowledge of your points of contact this move is relatively easy to master, however, if you feel pain along the

Inverted Thigh Hold

Veena Jun 28, 2020
Beginners feel free to try this one as it's first taught from the floor, no invert needed to practice. I'll share 2 different grips for the leg. Be sure you feel solid in your static version before moving on to spinning pole. Understanding this move

Gemini (Outside Leg Hang)

Veena May 12, 2020
This is an Outside Leg Hang. If you do not yet have your Invert, you can still give this a try. Just know that it's a bit more challenging to find proper body placement without an Invert. Remember, there's no rush to remove the hands! Also known as:


Veena Jul 28, 2020
I'll show you 2 options for hand placement and 2 options for leg placement. This will allow you to find the right grip for you! The Star makes for a great transition move so don't skip this one! Also Known As: CUPID, Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / GLUTES

Tuck Hip Hold

Veena Jul 29, 2020
This is a great way to prepare yourself for other more advanced hip holds. Pay close attention to the points of contact and remember to place the pole high on the thigh, near the hip. Also Known As: BOMB, Strengthens: ADDUCTORS

Scorpio (Inside Leg Hang)

Veena Jul 28, 2020
I'll show you several variations for this move. A short leg and long leg Scorpio and an Open and Closed Scorpio! You can combine these however you like! We start from the floor so feel free to work on that portion of the move even if you can not yet

Hip Holds (pike and variations)

Veena Jul 29, 2020
This is the next step in Hip holds! Make sure you've already learned the Tuck hip hold and remember to keep the pole high near the bend of the hip. Placing the pole too far down towards the knee will make this move more painful and less stable.

Inverted Lotus

Veena Sep 27, 2020
Once you have a good understanding of the Hip hold this move makes for a fun variation. You will need open hips to achieve a flat lotus so keep on stretching! Strengthens: ADDUCTORS

Side V

Veena Jul 28, 2020
I'll teach you a few entries and exits for this move. Having a solid Gemini before working on this move will be very helpful! Also Known As: APPRENTICE / SPLIT V HOLD, Strengthens: LATISSIMUS / TERES MAJOR / PECTORALS / POSTERIOR DELTOIDS / TRAPEZIUS

Low V

Veena May 25, 2021
I call this move a Low V. It's a fun way to move from standing to the floor so it makes a nice transition. If you're having trouble getting the legs UP, work on the related lessons below focusing on the 3 leg exercises. Do each of them 3 times a week

Shooting Star

Veena Jun 1, 2020
You might also know this as Jasmine or Flipped Gemini. Having a solid Shooting start is the first step in preparing for the Marley! There's no need to pull on the top leg, let the back of the thigh (hamstring) do the work. Also Known As: JASMINE /


Veena Aug 6, 2020
This is not the twisted version. Here the back of the arm pit is against the pole and we are bringing opposite hand to foot keeping the hips more squared. This means the same arm and same leg are gripping the pole. I'll cover different variations and

Twisted Ballerina

Veena Aug 6, 2020
Here the front of the armpit is against the pole and same hand is gripping same foot. The chest and hips are open away so the back is against the pole with opposite leg and arm being the POC's instead of the same side as in Ballerina. I'll show you a


Veena Oct 17, 2020
I can't stress enough how you MUST have grippy legs or you'll struggle to hold this pose. The pole I'm using here is a 38 mm pole and it hurts my shin! If you can use a larger diameter pole to alleviate pain. Strengthens: QUADRICEPS / HAMSTRINGS /


Veena Sep 27, 2020
I'll share a few variations along with several different exit combos including a beautiful side sit. You'll learn static and spinning pole techniques. Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / HIP FLEXORS / ADDUCTORS / QUADRICEPS / GASTROCNEMIUS(CALF) / OBLIQUES


Veena May 8, 2020
In this lesson I'll take you from the floor all the way to spinning pole. Check out my 30 day Caterpillar program for more tips and a plan to master this move. Strengthens: TRAPEZIUS / LATISSISMUS / PECTORALS / DELTOIDS / TRICEPS / HAMSTRINGS / CALF

Butterfly (Split) (Twisted) (Elbow) and (Forearm)

Veena Jun 18, 2020
I've combine multiple old lessons into one, demonstrating 4 different grips and 2 different entries, using a Caterpillar and the Gemini. You'll learn methods for both static and spinning pole and I'll even show you a ONE HAND version! No grip is

Flatline Scorpio

Veena Jul 28, 2020
I'll show you 2 different ways to enter into the move. You'll learn the difference between a closed and open hip during this pose. As usual, I'll demonstrate options for spinning pole as well. Strengthens: ABDOMINALS / LATISSIMUS

Pole Handstand

Veena Aug 9, 2020
I love a good pole handstand! Please be sure you've already worked on the related lessons shown at the bottom of the player before moving on to this handstand. The scissor leg option works great when using a pole (not so much with a wall) and will

Bum Slide

Veena Aug 9, 2020
This is a fun way to exit to standing or even drop into a split. Remember that everyone's hand placement will be slightly different depending on flexibility, strength and height. Strengthens: ABDOMINALS / TRAPIZUS / HANDS / LEG ABDUCTORS / HIP

Karate Kid

Veena Oct 17, 2020
I'll demonstrate both static and spinning pole. This move is really fun on spin and you'll learn how to enter spinning forwards and backwards. Strengthens: LEG ABDUCTORS / QUADRICEPS / GLUTES / ABDOMINALS / LATISSIMUS / TERES MAJOR / PECTORALS /

V Invert (Chopper)

Veena Aug 9, 2020
This is NOT the first invert you should work on, try the Invert lesson first! I'll show you a few options for entering this move. The Deadlift is the most advanced and working on this will help you when it's time to learn aerial inverts. Remember,

Aerial (Split Grips Bodywaves and Walks)

Veena Jun 11, 2020
There's a whole lot to love in this lesson. I'll show you 4 different grips along with tips for spinning pole and how to air-walk and do aerial bodywaves! Be sure you're familiar with all of the related lessons shown above before moving on to this
StudioVeena's lessons are the best online lessons on the net. All of Veena's lessons are very through, concise and she breaks down the moves, so well and gives options to get in and out of moves which I love. I <3 SV, you will too!
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