Gun Grip and Claw Grip

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate two grip that we'll use more once you've reached intermediate level. The Gun Grip and Claw grip!

Intermediate Twisted Grip and Claw Grip

Veena May 6, 2020
This video will give you a close look at two common grips used for shoulder holds and mount. The twisted grip and claw grip. We will learn more about these later on in the lessons.

Double Elbow Grip

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate the Double Elbow Grip. TIP: If you're using a phone TAP the video then click the 4 arrows at the bottom of the video to see this FULL SCREEN!

Funny Grip

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate the Funny Grip and give a few tips for using it safely. Not all holds are right for everybody so feel free to skip this one if it doesn't work for you. We'll learn more about this hold later on.

Flag Hold

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate the Flag Hold and intermediate grip. This version the body is facing down not turned to the side.

Intermediate Invert Grips

Veena May 6, 2020
This video will familiarize you with common grips used to invert and transition from! I'll show you 4 different grip combinations. The PUSH GRIP (top arm true, bottom push) is used when spinning forward and inverting on spinning pole.

Split Grips

Veena Jun 2, 2020
This video will demonstrate 4 different split grips with close up views of proper hand and shoulder placement.

Double Knee Pit Grip

Veena May 4, 2020
This video will demonstrate the Double Knee Pit Grip, uses in moves and as transitions to moves. Don't worry about doing these just yet, this video is just showing what the grip is.


Veena 5 days ago
I'll teach you a few leg variations and we'll take a look at spinning pole too!

Reverse Side SPIN

Veena 4 days ago
This is a fun one! Be sure you've check out my Side spin lesson and the Step around both listed below the main player.

Standing Fireman SPIN

Veena May 25, 2020
We we do this spin on spinning pole we're using the Crucifix pose!


Veena a month ago
This spin can be fun and FAST. There's no need to jump into this spin. When using the method of momentum generation I demonstrate in the lesson you'll gain speed and there will be no need for jumping!


Veena a month ago
This is a tough one! I'll show you two different grips and static and spinning pole versions.

Hold Spin

Veena Jun 19, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 2 Hand. I'll cover both static and spinning pole. This is an excellent strength builder. It does require strength so more time may be needed to perform this move successfully. Keep at it, this is one of my favorite spins!

Cradle Spin

Veena Jun 15, 2012
Spin Grip - Lateral Partial Split Grip. Take time with this spin. Do not jump and throw the body into the pole. Imagine lifting into spins and flowing around the pole. Play around with different leg variations. A strong thigh rest is helpful before

Front Hook

Veena Jun 27, 2012
Spin Grip - Lateral 2 Hand. This spin is performed with the body off to the side of the pole. It requires more strength then forward 2 hand spins that face the pole. I'll cover both static and spinning pole technique. There are two hand/arm positions

Forward Attitude SPIN

Veena Jun 1, 2020
The Forward facing attitude spin requires strong shoulders and hand grip. I'll give you a few different options for arm placement choose the one that works best for you.

Chair SPIN

Veena 23 days ago
The Chair spin is a prerequisite for learning the Reverse Grab. I'll show you 2 different hand placements and you'll learn a Reverse Chair spin and a combo!

Carousel SPIN

Veena a month ago
This video will show you the Carousel, V carousel and Straight leg version. I'll teach you multiple ways to grip the pole as well. If you're struggling with these be sure to check out the related lessons below the main player. Working on all of these

Flying Fireman

Veena Jun 4, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 2 Hand. This is a fun fireman variation. We'll cover two options for entry to this spin.

Reverse Elbow and Handstand

Veena May 9, 2020
We will be using these moves to work on intermediate and advanced pole moves. Using a reverse elbow or handstand can be a great way to learn the position for inverted tricks without having to perform a basic invert! Remember, the basic invert can

Plank (Thigh slide) Dismount

Veena May 29, 2020
This exit is a great option for those who don't feel comfortable doing a reverse handstand out from inverted poses.

X Ankle Climb

Veena Aug 12, 2010
This variation of a pole climb will require a bit more strength. Working on your pole holds and basic pole climb will be helpful. I will also cover how to add some spin to your climb. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / QUADRICEPS / HAMSTRINGS / TIBIALIS

Side Climb

Veena May 11, 2020
In this lesson I'll teach you how to side climb on static pole, add spin to the static climb and we'll look at spinning pole as well. This is a strength building climb and can be useful as a transition. It's a good option for those who need extra

Performance Side Climb

Veena May 12, 2020
This climb is the "pretty" side climb and it creates lovely lines! It requires a bit more strength than the Side climb because you do not have the knee pit to help you hold the body up. I'll show you static variations and spinning pole.

Attitude climb

Veena May 25, 2020
This climb is so pretty when done slowly on spinning pole as I'll demonstrate towards the end of this lesson. Even with a static pole you can use this unique climb to add interest!


Veena May 25, 2020
Working on the Figurehead can help prepare the body for aerial inverts! Pay close attention to the P.O.C's it will help tremendously.

Two hand plank

Veena 4 days ago
I can't stress how important having a solid Pole Sit before working on planks. Also as with all leg grips, make sure you're pole is warm and your skin is tacky so you will have maximum grip on the pole.

Cross Knee Release

Veena Oct 8, 2010
Having a good understanding of the Basic plank will help you on this move. Take it slow and start low. Also Known As: CKR / DROPBACK / FIGURE 4 / HANGBACK / LAYBACK Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / QUADRICEPS / GLUTES / ABDOMINALS

Cross Ankle Release

Veena Oct 13, 2010
This is a pretty move. Don't forget to turn your knees in toward each other and squeeze your butt. Stay with the cross knee release until you feel very comfortable with this cross ankle release. If this move doesn't work for you try replacing it with

Elbowstand Sit Up

Veena Jan 3, 2011
Being comfortable with your elbow stands and having an understanding of the cross ankle release is important for this move. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / QUADRICEPS / GLUTES / HAMSTRINGS / ABDOMINALS


Veena May 11, 2020
Inverts are a big milestone and very exciting but before working on inverts you MUST understand and have a solid Side Pole Hold. Once you can consistently invert with a leg sweep, then move on to the V invert lesson. Where I will teach you spinning

Inverted Crucifix

Veena May 9, 2020
The inverted crucifix is the key to understanding the leg position needed for a nice caterpillar. If you're new to this move stay with static pole until you become very comfortable with the hold. The body is close to the pole making the spin very

Inverted Thigh Hold

Veena 13 days ago
Beginners feel free to try this one as it's first taught from the floor, no invert needed to practice. I'll share 2 different grips for the leg. Be sure you feel solid in your static version before moving on to spinning pole. Understanding this move

Gemini (Outside Leg Hang)

Veena May 12, 2020
This is an Outside Leg Hang. If you do not yet have your Invert, you can still give this a try. Just know that it's a bit more challenging to find proper body placement without an Invert. Remember, there's no rush to remove the hands!


Veena Oct 20, 2010
This is a fun move! This is a great one to work on before you attempt the knee hold as they share some technique. Also Known As: CUPID, Strengthens: HAMSTRINGS / GLUTES / ADDUCTORS / CALFS

Tuck Hip Hold

Veena Oct 21, 2010
This is a great way to prepare yourself for other more advanced hip holds. Pay close attention to the points of contact. Also Known As: BOMB / CURLED HIP HOLD, Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / HIP FLEXORS


Veena Oct 22, 2010
This leg hang requires a slightly different technique than the Gemini. You will also need a good, strong invert. We will look at a few ways to enter into this pose. Some will find this move easier than the gemini. Feel free to try out the scorpio

Pike Hip Hold

Veena Oct 26, 2010
The pike variation of the hip hold requires more flexibility then the tuck. If you're having troubles extending the legs, work on the flexibility of your hamstrings (back of thighs) and lower back. Also Known As: INVERTED PIKE, Strengthens:

Side V

Veena Nov 4, 2010
This can be used as a move in itself or as a great way to transition in and out of other moves. We will also cover a fun combo to exit out from this move. Also Known As: APPRENTICE / SPLIT V HOLD, Strengthens: LATISSIMUS / TERES MAJOR / PECTORALS /

Shooting Star

Veena Jun 1, 2020
You might also know this as Jasmine or Flipped Gemini. Having a solid Shooting start is the first step in preparing for the Marley! There's no need to pull on the top leg, let the back of the thigh (hamstring) do the work.

The Doll

Veena Nov 9, 2014
Performed with a smile, this fun pose will take advantage of your front arm pit hold. With a good aerial side pole hold and knowledge of your points of contact this move is relatively easy to master. I have included the aerial invert in the related


Veena May 2, 2012
The ballerina is a beautiful move. This is not, the twisted variation so the back of the shoulder/arm pit will be against the pole. Hips are squared in this variation. This move requires shoulder, hip flexor, and quadriceps flexibility. Strengthens:

Twisted Ballerina

Veena May 3, 2012
Think of this as the sister move to the Ballerina. This variation also requires shoulder, hip flexor, and quadriceps flexibility. The front of the shoulder/arm pit will be against the pole and your hips are open. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS / HAMSTRINGS /

V Invert

Veena Oct 27, 2010
This move is more difficult than the basic invert and should not be rushed into. Always be sure to perform the inverted V with control and not momentum. If you are just beginning to work on this move exit out using your basic invert position by just

Aerial (Split Grips Bodywaves and Walks)

Veena a month ago
There's a whole lot to love in this lesson. I'll show you 4 different grips along with tips for spinning pole and how to air-walk and do aerial bodywaves! Be sure you're familiar with all of the related lessons shown above before moving on to this


Veena May 8, 2020
In this lesson I'll take you from the floor all the way to spinning pole. Check out my 30 day Caterpillar program for more tips and a plan to master this move.

Butterfly (Split) (Twisted) (Elbow) and (Forearm)

Veena 23 days ago
I've combine multiple old lessons into one, demonstrating 4 different grips and 2 different entries, using a Caterpillar and the Gemini. You'll learn methods for both static and spinning pole and I'll even show you a ONE HAND version! No grip is

Flatline Scorpio

Veena Mar 14, 2014
Once you have your scorpio down you can begin playing around with the flatline. I'll show you three different methods of entering into this move. Strengthens: ABDOMINALS

Bum Slide

Veena Oct 11, 2010
Master the Reverse Handstand before moving on to the Bum Slide. Pay close attention to the pole placement and hand placement to make this move more comfortable. Hamstring flexibility is a must to make this move smooth. Strengthens: PECTORALS /

Rockstar Spin

Veena Apr 6, 2012
This is an advanced, sexy spin that you will learn how to perfect.

Corkscrew Spin

Veena Jul 23, 2012
Spin Grip- Lateral Two Hand. This is a challenging spin. Upper body strength and good timing is needed to create the most momentum. I'll break it down into simple variations. We will also take a look at spinning pole.

Roxy Spin

Veena Jul 31, 2012
Spin Grip - Forward 1 Hand into Elbow Grip. One of our very own members created this move a few years ago. The beautiful Roxy-Pink. This is a fun transition spin when done on a static pole. It is a beautiful hold much like the ballerina when done


Veena Aug 18, 2010
This move is a bit more challenging than the elbowstand. Start against the wall and work your way up to Handstands against the pole. Control is VERY important for this move do not use brute force. Strengthens: PECTORALS / DELTOIDS / TRAPEZIUS /

Handstand Body Wave

Veena Oct 7, 2014
We'll break down the handstand body wave into a few steps, allowing those who cannot yet perform a handstand to work on this move as well. You'll also find this method and mechanics used on the floor for inverted body waves will translate into

Intermediate Routine

Veena Oct 4, 2010
This is a fun, 2 minute, intermediate routing. We will again work on flow and combination. I have divided this routing into different sections for you. Feel free to work on one section at a time mastering that particular section before moving on. Or

Basic Dismount

Veena Aug 22, 2010
It is important to learn how to move out of an inverted position. This is a simple technique to exit from an invert. Strengthens: ADDUCTORS/HAMSTRINGS
I was having such a hard time with this one the scorpian is a breeze, but this one always messed me up. lol thank god for these videos.
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