Veena's Tips for Inverts (Free version)

Veena 4 days ago
DON'T FOGET TO TRY MY 30 DAY INVERT PROGRAM! In this video I'll give you tips and exercises to help you with your inverts. If you've never inverted or are just starting out,

Veena's Tips Beginner Level 1

Veena 20 days ago
Welcome to my Beginner level 1 Program! This program is perfect for those who've finished my 30 day Take off program. The tips I'm sharing today are all things I want you to keep in mind throughout the level 1 program. You'll find a few lessons

Veena's Tips Beginner Level 2

Veena 11 days ago
Welcome to my Beginner level 2 Program! This program is perfect for those who've finished my Level 1 program. The tips I'm sharing today are all things I want you to keep in mind throughout the level 2 program. These things will help you learn to

Veena's Tips Beginner Level 3

Veena 6 days ago
These are my Veena's tips for your Level 3 beginner program This program was made for those who are comfortable with most beginner moves we've already worked on and would like to continue to focus on flow by learning routines and start working on

7 Beliefs and Misconceptions you might have

Veena 9 days ago
This was a 7 part series I share on my social media, I've combined it for you into one video. Feel free to share this with friends as it's FREE.

Veena's Tips for Ayesha

Veena Feb 13, 2021
Let's discuss common mistakes dancers make when learning this move. I'll talk about hip rotation when moving into V straddle and Shoulder placement, spoiler alert! You don't need to block/square the shoulders to have a stable Ayesha! In fact your

Grip Solutions and Sticky Legging Reviews!

Veena Feb 1, 2021
Yes, you can share this video! It's free for everyone! Check out the ROUTINES Strength and Stretch for more warm ups! See RELATED LESSONS listed for the Pole finish video and Grip aid recipe video. Stunt Grip Wrap

Dry skin Grip Aid Recipe

Veena Feb 1, 2021
Today I'm sharing my favorite grip aid recipe and pairing it with another common grip aid, creating a super grip concoction. These two grip aids alone don't work for me, but when I put them together, amazing! This mix is NOT for sweat! Works great on

8 Pole finished REVIEWED

Veena Feb 1, 2021
If you have a nickel allergy don't use Chrome, try Stainless steel instead.

Veena's tips for Reverse Grab

Veena Feb 3, 2018
Here's a broadcast from my Instagram and Facebook live. Remember these things take time and not every pole spin or move will be right for everyone. Listen to your body, and build up the strength needed.

4 EASY Moves For Grip Control

Veena Sep 5, 2017
Work on these 3 days a week for a stronger grip in all holds, better control for static spins, and to get rid of death grip for good! Always remember to stretch the hands and forearms after EVERY pole session.

Veena's Tips For Split Grips

Veena Sep 19, 2017
In this video we'll discuss 4 different split grip options. You'll see several points of view to help you understand what placement is best for your joints. The first step to successful split grip practice is appropriate strength work before hand,

Veena's tips for Thigh Rest LIVE lesson

Veena Jan 9, 2020
Remember, you can make this video full screen on mobile devices if you tap the 4 arrows in the corner!

Veena's Flexibility Hacks

Veena Sep 25, 2017
In this lesson I'll share my secrets for making the most of your flexibility. You'll find modifications for several popular pole, chair, and floor moves along with tips and tricks for giving the best on camera or stage performance!

Veena's tips for Dragons tail LIVE lesson

Veena Jan 17, 2020
I'll show you 3 different entries for the move. Please remember the mobility test is not as intense as the move it's self. If you feel it's too much strain, when in doubt, wait it out! 💜 Work on mobility and conditioning then revisit.

Veena's tips for Butterflies

Veena Jan 20, 2018
A video from my Instagram and Facebook live broadcast.

Veena's tips for Tick Tock Legs

Veena Feb 3, 2018
Here is a video pulled from my Instagram live broadcast!

Veena's tips for Beginner Spinning Pole Drills

Veena Jan 24, 2020
These drills will help you build strength and technique needed for more advanced spinning pole tricks. DON'T let your body drop, try and keep the arms bent and use the legs to hold too if needed. This position will strengthen your biceps and lats

Veena's Tips For Shoulder Mounts

Veena Apr 4, 2017
In this video I'll give you tips and suggestions to help you improve your shoulder mounts. I'll also demonstrate options for hand placement and leg positions too. Even if you've never tried a shoulder mount, this video will provide options to work on

Veena's Tips For Flow And Movement

Veena Jul 19, 2016
In this video I'll cover using your breath, movement and flow. At the end of this lesson I'll demonstrate a few easy and relaxing movement drills that can be done anytime, with no pole required. Use this lesson anytime you like.

Veena's Tips For Inverts

Veena May 26, 2016
In this video I'll give you tips and exercises to help you with your inverts. If you've never inverted or are just starting out, this video perfect for you and provides options to work on even if you can not yet hold your body weight.

Veena's Tips for Caterpillar

Veena Mar 31, 2016
In this video I'll discuss a few common issues. You'll learn a bit more about the difference between the elbow and forearm grip too. Don't forget to check out my 30 day nailed It program to help you achieve the perfect Caterpillar.

Tips For Splits And Hips

Veena Feb 3, 2014
Tips for middle splits. For stretches to achieve the splits please check out our stretching section.

Tips For Core Strength

Veena Feb 3, 2014
Quick tips for core strength. For more core based workouts check our the hard core warm up.

6 Energy Tips

Veena Feb 3, 2014
My six tips for when you're lacking the motivation and energy to workout.

Tips For Scapula And Neutral Body Alignment

Veena Feb 8, 2014
Strong, healthy shoulders are very important for pole dance. Here are four easy stabilization exercises you can do anytime, that target the scapula. Doing these along with the scapula/shoulder exercises listed in the conditioning section of the

Tips For Creating A Routine

Veena Feb 9, 2014
I'll share 5 steps and 5 tips to use when creating a pole dance routine.

Veena's tips for Invert to Gemini making it FLOW

Veena Nov 13, 2019
Invert to Gemini/outside leg hang. We often focus on the next big move and forget about using our pole fundamentals in a way that is interesting. Moving without intention or thought from point A to point B can make a dance look choppy and lacks flow.

Tips For Hip Flexors

Veena Apr 23, 2014

30 Clips for Cross Training Tips

Veena Feb 16, 2014
This video contains 30 quick clips of exercises that will provide strength training for pole dance. These exercises will use a fit ball, iron gym, and free weights.

Tips For Cold Weather

Veena Dec 15, 2015
Sharing from a Periscope broadcast. I cover tips for beginning a workout when you've been sitting around and feeling cold.

Packing Your Performance Bag

Veena Dec 16, 2015
This is a video recording from a Periscope broadcast. I'll give you some tips and show you what I pack in my gig bag.

Tips for Flow And Movement

Veena Dec 18, 2015
Taken from a Periscope broadcast on flow and movement. I've address 5 aspects to focus on when learning how to incorporate flow and movement into your dance and life.

Tips for Controlled Inverts

Veena Dec 23, 2015
I'll give you some tips for performing inverts with controlled momentum.

Tips for Injury Care And Prevention

Veena Feb 4, 2016
This was a Periscope broadcast. I hope you all find it helpful.

Know When To Take Time Off

Veena Dec 15, 2015
Sharing from a Periscope broadcast. Learn when and why you might need to take a break from exercise.

Veena's tips for Side climb LIVE lesson

Veena Dec 20, 2019
A look at the different arm and leg placements and climb styles.

Veena's tips for Forearm Grips

Veena Oct 15, 2020
I personally feel the name "forearm" grip is part of the problem! You don't ONLY use the forearm, in fact you use the biceps and elbow pit the most! This live lesson will give you a close up view of the Forearm grip which is commonly disregarded
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