5 Grips for Fan Legs

Ok everyone, here’s my full length Fan Legs tutorial

Side Pole Hold – This grip is beginner friendly. You’re using the side body and armpit area to help decrease the load on the arms and back. This grip is great prep work for Inverts. Fun Fact: I like to use the Side grip to V Invert when moving backward on spinning pole!

Modified Side Pole Hold – This one is Intermediate level because reaching the outside arm fully overhead increases the load on the abdominals, low back, and hip flexors which makes it awesome to use for strength and conditioning.

Push Grip – Another Intermediate grip, but some strong beginners may like this one. The Push grip is nice if you find you’re always hitting your hips on the pole as it keeps the body away. The action of pushing away can require too much strength for all beginners, though. Fun Fact: I like to use the Push grip to Invert when moving forward on spinning pole.

Split Grip – This grip is for levels Intermediate and up. You should already have a solid Jamilla/Thigh Rest before using this grip for Fan legs to prevent frustration and poor technique as injuries are common using Split grips. This grip is another option for those who have a tough time keeping their hips away from the pole during fan legs. It’s a fun one to use if you want to go really slooooow with your legs.

Funny Grip – This one is also Intermediate level and up. The rotation, along with the strength that is needed in this grip, can be risky for those who are new to exercise. Using this grip too soon can cause shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain. This grip works well if you’d like to transition from your Fan Legs to another trick.