7 Pole Dance Misconceptions

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  1. OMG I just love your philosophy on this. I have had so many negative type experiences like this from in person classes and even from some online instructors who think that your entire life is 24/7 pole. There was one that even used on line coaches who would email me constantly wanting to know “why I hadn’t logged in for a few days”. I had gotten really sick one time and the online coach basically told me to “let’s get past that now time to move on”, this was soooo rude because my sickness at that time made it almost impossible for me to do anything, I couldn’t “just get past it” because I was still sick. Guilting a student because they didn’t log in one day or the need to compete with professional dancers or people who have been doing this for years in the end just makes a person give up all together. Thank you for being one of the few places that recognizes the regular students out here and providing an excellent platform free of all that drama. ♥♥

    1. Wow, I’m sorry you went through that, it’s not ok! I really do believe pole should be fun and enhance your life. Even as a professional pole isn’t my life, yet I still love it. Happy to have you here with me 💜💜💜