1. Having trouble viewing half way through the video but great tips so far! Love what you’re saying about using the back to help lift the arms rather than just the shoulders. Going to try that for sure 😀💪

  2. Thanks for this post. I am new and working on strength and flexibility. It is good to know I can concentrate on beautiful lines rather than high leg lifts. With this knowledge, I am reassured that I can still have a pretty performance while increasing my strength and flexibility which will take time.

  3. Thanks for this, Veena — this is really helpful. I’m one of those folks who puts arms/legs in position 1, then position 2, then position 3 — which looks very goofy and amateur-ish 🙂 Trying to focus on continuous motion that flows and connects the movements. Also trying very hard to focus on strong lines and deliberate movement, and not letting things get sloppy. So I found this broadcast very helpful — thanks!