A modified squat for pole dance (FREE)

This exercise might look like just another squat or too “easy” to bother with. But, trust me. It’s a great little gem that can help you improve many aspects of your pole dancing. Here’s a brief breakdown of why you should give this exercise a try. 🎯 Targets muscle groups for active straddles, improving lines and reducing effort for tricks like: V Invert, Extended Butterfly, Ayesha, Iron X, Chopstix, Splits on and off the pole. 💪 Strengthens and improves pelvic/hip mobility and stability, which help prevent injuries while doing pole tricks. Stiff, tight, and weak hips/pelvis can cause many issues from hips, knees, and even foot problems. 🧠 The addition of the exercise band can help improve sensory feedback from the hip/pelvic area, more so than if done without the band. Basically, if you have a hard time working on your pelvic movement, this exercise might help you “feel” it more.