Veena’s tips for common Split Grips (FREE VERSION)

In this video I’ll discuss 4 different split grip options.

  • Spinning split grip (used in spins like carousel)
  • Partial (half bracket)
  • Upright (full split grip)
  • Inverted split grip (used for butterflies and ayeshas)

I’ll provide several different angles and view points to help you understand what placement is best for your joints.

The first step to successful split grip practice is appropriate strength work before hand, good technique and training reasonably. This means limiting your split grip sessions to no more than 10 attempts per side when starting and no more than 3 times per week until you become stronger.

Remember, split grips are not reasonable grips for those who are brand new to pole, and should never be rushed into!

Here are links for videos that will provide in-depth tutorials for all I’ve covered in this free video.

Carousel spin

Aerial (split grips bodywaves and walks)

Ayesha (using 4 grips)