Grip Solutions and Sticky Legging Reviews! (FREE)

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You can buy the Stunt Grip Wrap here

Paradise Chick Leggings here

Superfly Honey here

Amazon Faux Patent Leather Leggings here


  1. I just listen your review about the Superfly Honey and as owner of ones I can tell you that you described mostly my experience with them. So just to give more feedback for who can be thinking about them. My experience is:
    1. Size: is good one hips but short on leg height so I can’t use the hole to the foot
    2. Butt: my is well covered but seems to have too much fabric between the legs
    3. Uncomfortable: not sure if is the fabric or the “wrong size” but something make me not wear them. Just used 3 times and have been on the drawer since then
    4. Grip: amazing grip, no doubts about it. It really grips too well (but my wet look from a regular store and much cheaper have a more comfortable grip because give me more easy movement)
    5. Breathble fabric: in my case the fabric allow me to not sweat, but I live in Ireland, so is freezing all year 😂

    In my opinion I am sad about bought them I would prefer to have the money I spent on my side, they don’t worth for me. But lot of people love them, so don’t take my experience as the rule 😉

  2. Thanks for the videos! I am going to try and find some of the amazon leggings for in Canada, hoping to find a pair as Im not comfortable with my legs showing, it prevents me from trying things where im not comfortable.

  3. Thanks for this great video. My pole is new, I installed it 5 months ago, and it’s still so slippery with using it twice a week. I used a pair of pleather leggings I had in my closet and I was able to climb, sit, do a crucifix, all without sliding. Up until now, I just thought I had zero strength and had no ability to pull off these moves. I’m going to do the steam cleaning like your other video suggested and see if that helps my pole too.

  4. Glad it was helpful! If it’s chrome it can take some time to figure out how to get the best grip for you. If the steaming doesn’t help, you can try the grip aid mix, if you tend towards dry skin.