Veena’s Tips for Spinning Pole (LIVE LESSON) (FREE)

When done right it can look and feel magical. When it’s done wrong, it can feel and look like you’re holding on for dear life. Not to mention the hours of upset stomach after. Join me if you’d like to learn to enjoy spinning pole. Click here to start my 30-day Spinning pole program for all levels.


  1. I’m so excited! I am trying to get more comfortable with spinny pole. I’m having issues with getting disoriented and slipping out of moves really, really easily. I love the look and feel of spin pole, but it does not come easily to me – lol! The tips for nausea will definitely help for allergy season when my ears are all plugged up!

  2. OMG – another Long Dreamed of 30 day program! I need to get my life together so I can fit this in! Adding this to my Must Take list. Thank you for this!!!! Don’t know when I will get to it- but I will ! Bless you !