Invert Class – Welcome! (FREE)

Hello and welcome to my Invert class. In this class you’ll be learning my Controlled Momentum style of Inverting along with developing a stronger sense of self awareness and mindfulness.

This week long class is suitable for those who have completed my Intermediate level 1 program or for anyone looking to learn how to utilize or teach others my method of Controlled Momentum for flowing Inverts.

Item’s you’ll need:

  • Pole
  • Yoga block or large towel (we only use this once)
  • A notebook and pen

I truly believe pole dance can be a wonderful tool for self discovery and growth, my hope is this class will facilitate this no matter where you are in your journey.

Here’s a list of tips for practicing mindfulness:

  • 1. Recognize when your mind is telling stories (a stories has nothing provable or factual about it and it’s not occurring in the present moment) it’s just a thought. Versus a real event that is happens in the present moment which has provable and factual aspects that others can see too!
  • 2. Reality happens in the present moment.
  • 3. Things do not have to be black and white, good or bad, they can just be.
  • 4. It’s not about pushing away feelings or stopping thoughts but rather acknowledging them without judgement or suppression.


  1. I’m so excited for this! My pole and I will reunite in July when we are both nice and sticky 😀 Just did the first journal entry and I am really looking forward to the classes.