1. I no longer offer the pole certification for levels here, if that’s what you’re asking. If you want to teach anything fitness related its always good to receive a certification. If not that, study the work of someone who know what they’re doing. I would qualify lol

        1. It’s ok to share something you’ve learned, but it’s always nice to credit the person you learned it from…if you didn’t just see it randomly or do research for it.

        2. It’s one thing to upload to social media and teach people as an expert and another to share something with followers you learned from someone. If you’re sharing what you’ve learned here, it’s always nice to mention that. 🙂

    1. While many submissions were easy to critique and followed the instructions it was becoming too time consuming and troublesome to do this for free. Maybe in the future I’ll bring it back, but I’ll most likely charge for it because of the time it requires of me.

      1. One thing about the certifications here, I offered it so members could check their skill and form regarding all fundamental pole tricks. It was never a certification recognized by any fitness governing bodies so someone could say “I’m studioveena certified” and have others recognized it like ACE fitness certs or NASM certs.

        I did design my Veena method to be something a person who wants to teach can use. If you want to teach pole, or understand it better have a look at the teacher training section here.