How to test if a pole too tight or too loose (FREE)

I’ve gotten this question a lot lately so here’s a video to help you sort it out!

  • Always install your pole according to the instructions.
  • Check all screws, joints and any pieces that aren’t permanent every time you pole dance.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, get off and check the pole.
  • Try a static spin like the Fireman or Carousel before any inverted tricks.
  • Wear grippy shoes for the push, pull test so you can put enough force into the test. Don’t wear socks like I did!

Check your pole every time before you dance!


  1. Hi Veena, did you just place your temporary studio floor in the middle of the carpet (if I’m seeing that correctly) and pressure mount it, and that’s all to secure the flooring in place?

  2. Yes, the flooring is a lock together flooring but it needs at least 3 walls to keep it in place. I have a video about temporary flooring that shows a stage like option too