Front Splits Class – Welcome (FREE)

I am so excited to offer a new way to train your splits flexibility! If you’re super tight or very new to training to gain flexibility you may want to work on my 30 day Flexy program first.

Items needed:

Emotional trauma can take years of healing and I strongly believe that learning to be in tune with our bodies can help speed up the process of healing. I want you to remember this is your journey and you know your body best even if you don’t feel that way right now. You may have learned to push away or ignore signals from your body but it’s never too late form a better relationship with yourself. Throughout this class my hope is you’ll learn to discover how to listen, accept and follow through with what your body needs. This class is not a competition or race, it’s about growing and connecting with your own self.

Other methods to warm your muscle are:

  • Aerobic activity that brings you to a sweat.
  • A very hot bath, shower, or sauna, the temperature should be so hot you’ll begin to sweat.
  • Training immediately after lifting weights or a hard pole session.

Remember, if you need help maintaining heat, wear clothing that will keep you warm yet allow for freedom of movement.

As always if you need a full rest day please feel free to do so. You may combine this class with other programs but please remember to maintain rest days and never do flexibility training before lifting heavy or strength based pole work!