Veena’s Tips For Flow And Movement (LIVE LESSON) (FREE)

In this video I’ll cover using your breath, to connect to your movement and flow. At the end of this video I’ll demonstrate a few easy and relaxing movement drills that can be done anytime, with no pole required.

Use this tutorial anytime you like, no need to warm up. Click here for the 30 day flow program.


  1. Yeeessssss. Luv this. I talk about working in my breathing all the time with my pole friends at the studio. I get all excited to do a sequence…and then realize that I am holding my breath the entire time. Makes it difficult when trying to link sequences for an entire song 🙂

  2. That flow was so relaxing. Definitely need to work on my breath. How funny that it’s something you need to learn or relearn. I tend to hold my breath and not even realize that I’m holding it!

  3. This is pretty useful for me right now. I have a performance coming up on Saturday that requires 10 minutes of movement, I’ve been stressing about pole tricks but I guess I haven’t been considering the subtle aspects of performance as well. I’ve never performed in front of this many people, 600-700, without being able to pick my music or know what’s playing. I’m going in totally blind. I don’t have to dance for the entire 10 minutes I guess, 10 minutes leaves some buffer time, tops I can do 4-6 minutes for my current shape. I’m still nervous but this video might help.

  4. oh, I was thinking of doing an amateur night and I can’t pick my music either. It’s just for fun; but, now I am having some stage fright. It’s nice to see that breathing is good! And, I don’t have to do everything super fancy. Little movements add a nice touch and flow.

  5. Loved this video and wish I saw it when I first started doing pole! Loved the tip about chaining your moves and learning how to dance into them. I was (up until a few months ago) so scared of freestyle and unprepared movement I just never did it but your tips are giving me more comfort! Just got to practise!