Date: Jun 4, 2021
Here are my secrets for making the most of the flexibility you have. You'll find modifications for several popular pole, chair and floor moves along with tips for making the most of your flexibility. For a complete breakdown of all the moves shown check out the lessons here! Try my 30 day Flexibility program too []
yvonnesh336078 Paid MemberThese are good tips thanks. I’m super inflexible. I would like to ask, for the seated fast spin where I’m supposed to wrap through a shoulder and put the arm behind me, is that a problem with shoulder flexibility or back flexibility or both? Any tips for how to hack that?
Jan 17, 2022
VeenaA video would be helpful to pinpoint l, but it's probably a bit of both. Making sure you're super comfortable with pole sits in all directions helps too.
Jan 17, 2022
yvonnesh336078 Paid MemberHere is what I mean. The ideal way is to get the pole behind my right shoulder but I can’t hardly get it past my left shoulder [https:]
Jan 18, 2022
VeenaHI! Yvonnesh, You're trying to get the opposite shoulder to the pole from a sit?? You'd have to be extremely flexible to do that from a sit. The sit you've shown me looks great, why do you need it to go behind the other shoulder? What move are you trying to get into? Ballerina's? These lessons will teach you how to twist around the pole [https:] and [https:]
Jan 18, 2022
Love the instruction Veena! Your instruction helped me to safely perform this move against my pole, after I practiced against my mattress.
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