Advanced Level 1 Welcome (FREE)

Welcome! This program has been split into 4 weeks, with each week focusing on different pole tricks, spins and targeted flexibility training!

Items you’ll need:

By splitting this program into weeks you’ll have the freedom to come back and focus on groups of tricks anytime, without needing to do the whole program.

  • Week 1: Juliette Spin, Superman and Side Superman
  • Week 2: Aerial split Grips, Advanced Figurehead, Splits training
  • Week 3: Butterfly, Half Jade or Jade, Pole Handstand
  • Week 4: Reverse Grab, Chair Spin, Corkscrew Spin, Gemini Scorpio Switches and Back mobility

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  1. Excellent Veena!!! I look forward to eventually doing this – I’m about to finish the Flow program and then I will probably do Intermediate Level 2 and keep going from there until this one 😊