Intermediate Level 1 Welcome (FREE)

This 4 week program was designed to introduce you to intermediate level pole work. I want to stress that I don’t expect everyone to get every move on the first day or even by the end of the program. This is simply a guideline for you to follow, so feel free to revisited it at anytime.

This program is also perfect for those who’d like a planned workout that is intermediate friendly! This level 1 intermediate program will focus on common grips, static spins and prepping for inverts!

Here’s a list of the equipment you will need for this program:

  • A selection of resistance bands. Click here to purchase or browse similar items. The bands I selected come with a massage ball!
  • A fit ball. (optional) Click here to purchase or browse similar items. Be sure to choose the right size for your height.

Click here to get started.