Advanced Level 3 Welcome (FREE)

Welcome! This program has been split into 4 weeks, with each week focusing on different pole tricks, spins and targeted flexibility training!

Items you’ll need:

  • A selection of resistance bands. Click here to purchase or browse similar items. The bands I selected come with a massage ball!
  • A peanut or tennis ball. Click here to purchase or browse.
  • A foam roller. Click here to purchase or browse. I recommend High Density and 18 inches long.

By splitting this program into weeks you’ll have the freedom to come back and focus on groups of tricks anytime, without needing to do the whole program.

  • Week 1: Shoulder Mounts, Janeiro, Chest and Back Strength and Mobility
  • Week 2: Bow and Arrow, Brass Monkey, Tsunami, Splits
  • Week 3: Ayesha, Straight Edge, Shoulder Mount, Handstands and Shoulder strength
  • Week 4: Dragons Tail, Cartwheel, Twisted Grip and Handspring mounts, Splits and Core

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