Date: Feb 28, 2023
This video is a guideline that I used, not advice on how every pregnant pole dancer should practice while expecting. We're all very different, listen to YOUR body and know that your pole will always be waiting after you have your little one! Here's the tutorial for THE AB SWITCH [] Here's an example of pregnant pole dancing in the last trimester []
MoonLightShadowDancer Previous Paid MemberJust finnished watching all of the Teacher Training Course. Good to know information and I will be referring back if not watching the whole thing again! Thank you for being you, and sharing what you know with all of us💖💖💖!!!
May 5, 2023
VeenaI'm very happy you found it useful 💜
May 5, 2023
I am extremely impressed. Great job with this site and the information presented <3
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