Date: Mar 12, 2020
This video will demonstrate the strength building Pole Hold Grip. TIP: If you're using a phone TAP the video then click the 4 arrows at the bottom of the video to see this FULL SCREEN!
whoapandaPhysiologically, what might it mean if I have a much easier time holding myself with straight arms above than with bent arms around face height? Would that mean my back muscles are better conditioned than my biceps/core?
Jun 30, 2020
VeenaWhen the arms are extended you're relying on the larger muscles of the back to hold you, this is easier for most unless they are heavy for their size and have poor hand strength. Lats and traps are much bigger than biceps. Holding with bend arms requires the biceps to do more of the work.
Jun 30, 2020
I LOVE what you have been doing with the site. Keep up the great work- I don't think anyone would EVER be able to manage and produce tutorials on this site as well as you do.
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