Date: Mar 11, 2020
This video will demonstrate the grips we use with our Outside and Inside Forearms. TIP: If you're using a phone TAP the video then click the 4 arrows at the bottom of the video to see this FULL SCREEN!
Jihaleh Previous Paid MemberI always find forearm grip really awkward, especially the pushing grip, like my upper arm is too short and/or my bust gets in the way. I had a teacher who would make us use forearm grip for climbing, and that made it nearly impossible, despite being able to able with hands. Is that just an anatomical thing or am I missing something about these grips?
Mar 14, 2020
VeenaIf it's the push grip you find hard, then it's most likey a strength issue. You need, triceps, shoulder and chest strength to push away. Practice standing with the forearm on the pole as I show and actively push the whole body away. You can even turn slightly to the side if the chest is in the way you don't have to be perfectly squared. Post a video if you want me to take a look. Both of these grips take time to build up the strength needed for many people.
Mar 14, 2020
This is exactly the site I needed to get use of the static pole I received last month! Veena, you have laid everything out so well. This is great for me since the closest pole studio to me is an hour away.
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