Resources and tips for Shoulder Mount

I wanted to share several resources for all things Shoulder Mounts!

The first option is my Shoulder mount lesson [] Remember that the related lessons below the main video are there to specifically help with Shoulder Mount. You'll find stretches and strength work in these lessons.

The next option is the 30 day Shoulder mount program [] Perfect for those who need a bit more time and guidance to work up to Shoulder Mounts. Don't worry you don't need to be able to do a shoulder mount to start the program. In addition to the program this Shoulder Mount Technique Option video has some great tips and drills []

Already have a solid Shoulder mount? Try these Elite level combos. This combo has a Shoulder mount flip [] This Shoulder mount to Cup Grip Dismount is one of my favs! []

No Pole at home? I got you! The last option is my Core Strength VIP plan [] This option is great for those who don't have a pole at home but want to work on building the strength needed for more challenging moves like inverts and shoulder mounts.

Free videos - Veena's Tips for Shoulder mounts [] 3 Moves to work on before learning Shoulder Mounts []
OUCH it HURTS my shoulder! []

I also want to share a photo demonstrating options for Cup grip
May 17, 2022
Lavenia Price Previous Paid Member
May 27, 2022
Dancing Paws
After moving to a place with no pole studios, I stumbled across studioveena's lessons and quickly signed up. Since getting the lessons I have progressed more than I did when I was going to a studio! Veena's knowledge is amazing!
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