Primary/Core moves or conditioning

NikkiDSixxx Paid Member
Hello girls!

Question! Are there 3-5 moves or conditioning that you do every day (aside from rest days, and after stretching)? I find myself walking by my pole all day long and am unsure what to do. I practice beginner moves during my sessions but I feel like I can pump out a few reps of something throughout the day when I walk by it to increase my strength or grips. What are y’all’s foundational moves that you work on every day? Pole ups? Tucks?

Thank y’all!!
Nov 3, 2022
Hi! These are great options to try [] (as long as you keep rest days)

Also if you want to work on some things even on rest days, try doing a few movement, flow based exercises! You'll find some fun flow drills to try here []
Nov 3, 2022
donnalee Previous Paid Member
Your website is fantastic and positive. Love your instructions and demonstrations. The pacing and written information on the side are so helpful in learning.
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