The Ultimate Guide to Inverts

Hi there! I’m glad you’re curious about my Inverts guide. Here are a few things you should know. Understand, these videos are tips and skills you can use to improve your invert. They’re are not a replacement for my in-depth full length tutorials.

Here are the links for my in-depth tutorials.

Basic Invert This lesson is suitable for all levels because I teach positioning from the floor first, this means even brand new dancers can start learning proper placement!

Chopper Remember, the chopper (deadlifting) isn’t the most efficient way to invert, it’s one of the more tiresome inverts and for those with no fitness background, it’s an advanced, intermediate move.

Aerial Invert Make sure you have a solid V invert/Chopper before working on this lesson. You will learn several leg positions and we’ll look at two options for upper body placement on spinning pole.

If you’d like to learn the Invert at a slower pace, try my 30-day Invert program This program can be used as a workout plan all on its own or it can be used to enhance and existing training program.