1. ******Remember!!! The difference between undressing and stripping is EYE CONTACT!!!! Make him squirm in his chair as you strip out of your sexy top by keeping eye contact while you do it!!!! **********

  2. Why don’tn they don’t teach this stuff in school? These lessons are great! And delivered very nicely for such naughty moves 🙂 …I’ve never seen a lap dance so, how does it all flow and transition? How long does one go for? One song?

  3. I LOVE YOU lol your tips are amazing. I can’t wait for Valentine’s day! Our one year anny is in 2 weeks and then V day 2 weeks after that so I’m definitely gonna be giving him a surprise 🙂

  4. oh heavens! I was a little sad I couldn’t just pop on pole this weekend and do a twirling whirling inverted amazing pole dance after having our rare date night…and then I took time to look at these.
    F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Having been married happily for 20 years and still thinking my man is as fine as the day i met him…well he won’t mind one bit if I try this instead of my pole rountine thats really more for me, so I got 4 days to practice and some experience 😉 so i’m off! you guys rock! thanks…hmmmmm now what did I do with that chair…LOL

  5. ps….I am so going to bank Friday and pick up some cash from HIS account..hehehe put it in an envelope and give it to him over drinks with no explanation and the rule he can not open it until we get home and i tell him too… lil brain is just going a mile a minute…

  6. wow…some of the best advice ever don’t keep telling yourself you look dumb, or you are not perfect…my hubby was in a state of shock and I only did 2 spins all the rest was dancing, floor and chair work I learned from you. 20+ years and certainly not the most beautiful woman on that planet but his eyes popped out, his jaw hit the floor and he was stunned and completely and totally thrilled that I had shared a little piece of what I had learned. Thanks so much this was a confidence builder for sure….

  7. Can’t wait. I’m giving the hubby a lap dance for his b-day this weekend. I purchased black lace, rhinestone, and peacock feather pasties to wear underneath a bra. Love the idea of not wearing a fancy costume and using normal everyday clothes. YAY! Now, to master my music and find the “right” chair. 🙂 xoxoxo

  8. Hi! Thanks for the tips. I’m not the girl that feels comfortable with these sexy moves and dancing, but watching these lessons and especially this video made me think it can be soooo cool and fun to surprise my boy with a lap dance 🙂
    Could you show also a complete dance? the transitions from one trick to the next one are something I don’t know how to do.
    and one more question 🙂 how can I practice the invert chair without falling with the chair 🙂 I do it on the sofa very easy, will it be the same on the chair? 🙂
    thanks 🙂

  9. senrysa- omg what a great idea!!! i hope you guys had an absolute blast!!!!!! konapole- I’m so proud!!!! i bet you looked beautiful 🙂 mozo- i love that song!! i think the best advice in looking for a song would be choose a song that you love, that you can get lost in and a song that moves you 🙂 there’s no right or wrong. if “i like big butts and i cannot lie!” is a song that moves you- then use it! 🙂 I’m so proud of you mozo for trying something outside of your comfort zone. just remember you really can’t mess this up 🙂 we didn’t do a full routine for these lessons but go to my profile and there’s a chair dance vid that strings these moves along nicely. in that vid i do that flip up onto the chair- you can definitely practice that move without a guy in the chair (and i promise its much easier with a guy IN the chair). but for the first few attempts at it have a spotter near you for safety 🙂

  10. Thank you for making these available as a freebie for Valentines… I am going to work through them all and give my OH something that can’t be bought anywhere else.. a lap dance from me :o) !!

  11. Thanks so much, you’re so inspirational. 🙂 Ive always wanted to learn to do something like this for my man but being the very playful type I actually take it TOO SERIOS. Same with when Im poleing for him I take it to serious.. and once I do BAM! Im like oh no oh no.. I messed up.. and get all embaressed and stuff. So thankyou! Im just gonna let go 🙂

  12. check out ebay….I think I have a Carmen Electra lap dance but it might be somebody else but thats where I look if I want to buy…take a little time at check on the search box to show you items with lowest – highest price (with shipping) I learned the hard way you don’t have to pay a fortune for a dvd. good luck

  13. I used to work for a gentleman’s club giving lap dances, doing floor work, and doing pirouettes around the pole quite a few years ago. Everything you you just suggested and explained is right on.. Thanks for the reminders. Of course, one of my favorite things stated is “wear what’s comfortable to you”. All clothing is basically looked at as an obstical to be removed when it comes to intimate/imagination time. It can be cute but don’t have to be expensive. Like we aren’t already spending enough on our lingerie 😉