1. Thank you Veena for expanding into hoops (I am wishing for aerial yoga/silks) next 🙂 Question about hoops…. I have never been able to hoop, are these hoops different then regular hoops at the store? One of the instructors at my pole studio just bought a weighted 3# hoop to start a class, I noticed you specified do not use weighted hoops, is there a reason?

  2. They are not child hoops from the store, those are too small for adults. Weighted hoops will cause bruising and too hard on the joints when working off the body.

  3. Hey Veena. I’m in Aus and I was looking at buying a hoop from a local shop I found, but they offer different finishes and I’m not sure what the differences are. They offer holographic laser, metallic base and carnival PVC. Does it even matter what you get or is that one type is better for skin and another for clothing?

  4. Just bought the lessons again! And I’m super excited about hooping – my 6 year old son is really good at it and I’m so excited to make one for him and begin hooping with him! We finally have something to bond over lol! Thanks Veena!