Getting Started Hammock (FREE)

Welcome to my hammock tutorials. This video will provide helpful tips and information on using these. I will be using a double point hammock for most videos, but you could use single point. I highly suggest double point as it’s the most stable option.

Here is some more helpful information! You don’t need to purchase a fly gym or fancy yoga swing to use my tutorials, just a simple hammock is perfect, no handles or extra’s needed. However, if you have a yoga swing or fly gym you can totally use those.

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  1. A hammock is one silk. If you have silks as in 2 pieces of fabric hung you can tie a knot and do some of the work I’ll show. You could just use one of them to create a hammock/sling tho! 😊

  2. I’ve never actually tried hammock but since you’ve got lessons up, I’m interested!! But I’m also curious to know if it is possible to hang the hammock from a steel swing set frame? As I know the rigging can be expensive and I don’t really have room indoors to hang it from the ceiling.

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  3. Thanks Veena! I have one fabric but the hardware I have says I can hang it both ways as two pieces of fabric or a hammock. I just like to use if for double foot lock work and it would be a pain to have to take it down all the time one day maybe I can afford two rigs.

  4. Yes, you can hang a hammock from any where that is sturdy and has no evidence of rot.

    Yes, you should still be able to use many lessons even if you tie a knot in your silk rig.

  5. I literally just got certified to teach this, this past weekend! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I logged in! I’m very excited about all the extra tips!:D Congrats on your expansion!!

  6. You can use a single as well, you’ll just have to work harder for some of the grounded balance work. Keep in mind it’s not hard to make it a double point.

  7. Approximately how much space do you need? I really want a hammock, but am limited in places to put it. Debating trying to fit one between the wall and my pole…

  8. It depends on if you want to “fly” if you stay in one place (which is optional in almost every lesson) then you don’t need much space. Just enough to stretch out your arms and legs. In the pasted I’ve had mine hung right by the pole and then use the pole as a ladder to hang the hammock. lol

  9. It will depend on your ceilings, you can always tie it shorter, so in my opinion longer is better. I have you determine height by waist, hip, shin, things like that. You don’t need an exact length. 🙂