Advanced Level 2 Welcome (FREE)

Here’s free information regarding what you’ll be working on during week 1 of this program! This program has been split into 4 weeks (7 day blocks) Each week we’ll focus on different Tricks, Spins and Flexibility!

Items you’ll need:

  • A set of resistance bands
  • Foam roller, peanut or tennis ball
  • A large exercise ball

By splitting this program into weeks you’ll have the freedom to come back and focus on groups of tricks anytime, without needing to do the whole program.

  • Week 1: Marley, Flight Attendant, Leg lines and Flexibility
  • Week 2: Chopper or Aerial Invert, Allegra, Falling Star, Leg lines and Hip flexor Strength
  • Week 3: Reverse Ayesha, Extended Butterfly, Caterpillar Climb, Aerial Invert, Handstands, Core and Shoulders
  • Week 4: Shoulder Mount, Iguana/Iguana Mount, Bow and Arrow, Butterfly Invert, and Splits training

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