It's time. Time to bring back the OG Studioveena challenge!

Back in the day before Instagram was a thing and pole dancers wanted to share privately among friends I hosted monthly challenges. Not like IG challenges with prizes and tagging requirements to "win". Challenges that allowed you to explore your style of dance. No time limits or music issues, just expressing and creating however you please!🎨

To kick this off, the OG challenge for September is.... "Dance to a cliche stripper/pole dance song" πŸ’‹

It's as easy as 1.2.3.

Here's how to join in:
1. Dance to a full song or at least a minute of a song. Freestyle, plan it out, edit it whatever you like!
2. Use the challenge picked for that month (This month is Cliche stripper music)
3. Share! Upload on and enjoy cheering each other and finding inspiration in their dances. You can join in anytime during the month of September.

WE HAVE A CHALLENGE SECTION IN THE VIDEOS TAB!!! When uploading simply put the word CHALLENGE in the title, then everyone knows where to find the challenge videos []

Here's an OG video I'm submitting for this month to get you started! []
Sep 1, 2020
Sep 5, 2020
lwgirl1717 Paid Member
Love this! Though I have no idea what a cliche pole song is πŸ˜‚
Sep 6, 2020
Tricyrtis6883 Previous Paid Member
By golly I’m in but what would a good song be? I for real have no ideas.
Sep 6, 2020
Search up rock songs from the 70s and 80s...heck, it's 2020 so even 90s rock works.

Here's a few for reference 😁

80s rock:
Unskinny bop
Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
Cherry Pie- Warrant
Black Velvet - Alannah Myles
Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls, Wild Side
Def Leppard - Armageddon It, Women
Whitesnake - Give Me All Your Love
Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name, Bad Medicine, Born To Be My Baby

Sisqo – The Thong Song
Prince – Get off
Prince – Cream
The Divinyls – I Touch Myself
Joi – Lick
Peaches – F**k the pain away
50 Cent – Ayo Technology
50 cent - Candy Shop
Rhianna – Rude Boy

And here's another thread from before with ideas []
Sep 6, 2020
Ewaters7131810 Paid Member
Also don't forget Police's Roxanne, TLC's Red Light Special, AC/DC's Money Talks, and newer songs like Dirty Mind by Boy Epic. :-)
Sep 9, 2020
Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
Oh my gosh Alanah miles black velvet is my Kareoke song! 😍 I’ve chosen my song, I’ve planned my all I need is for my pole to be delivered! C’mon X-pole! I need you😍xxx
Sep 9, 2020
If you don't have your pole yet you can always do a chair dance or wall dance!
Sep 9, 2020
Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
Ooh brill! I rang x-pole and it should be here in the next week or two so I am super excited! But yes! Great idea! A chair dance or wall dance might be good. Just got to find a clear wall in the hobbit houseπŸ˜‚I love this challeng thing. It really gets your creative bug going and can’t wait to see what the next challenge theme will be either! 😍thanks for such a great site Veena! Xxx
Sep 9, 2020
Stormy AKA PastinaBallerina Paid Member
Did a whole freestyle, put makeup on, outfit, everything... got undressed, sat down to watch...never hit record 😭😭😭
Too tired to put my boots back on... will try again another day!

Sep 10, 2020
Omg...noooo I hate when that happens! I bet your next one will be great!
Sep 10, 2020
Ouch thathappens to all of us sometimes just think of it as a really great practice session!! β€οΈπŸ–€
Sep 10, 2020
Stormy AKA PastinaBallerina Paid Member
Thanks all. I’m still shaking my head, but I will have fun doing it again!
Sep 10, 2020
Corrie Previous Paid Member
I'm working up to *something* but I don't know what it is yet. :)
Sep 26, 2020
hookedonpole Previous Paid Member
Few days left, Veneers! That goes for me, too.😬😡πŸ€ͺ
Sep 26, 2020
Stormy AKA PastinaBallerina Paid Member
Finally got back to record a freestyle today for this challenge πŸ˜…
Sep 28, 2020
If you missed anyone's video you can see them all here! []
Oct 2, 2020
Your website is fantastic and positive. Love your instructions and demonstrations. The pacing and written information on the side are so helpful in learning.
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