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I'm bringing the OG Studioveena challenge BACK! Join me this month and share your idea of "Dance to Cliche stripper/pole dance music" Here's mine! Remember to add the word CHALLENGE to your video title so everyone can find it in the challenge section of the videos here. This video is from 2013 🤘🏻
LatinPoler Paid MemberSuch a good idea! I'm in!
a month ago
a month ago
dustbunny Paid MemberI'm learning to play this song on the guitar! Lol
24 days ago
Phoenix fire bird Paid MemberOh my gosh I’m so excited! The video won’t play for some reason...I often have that trouble :’( I do hope my pole gets here soon! It’s due to arrive sometime between the middle to the end of September so fingers crossed it arrives in time! If not please say we are doing another challenge next month! Meanwhile looking forward to cheering other people’s challenges!❤️Xxx
23 days ago
VeenaHaha, that's awesome Dustbunny. Phoenix fire bird, could you use the contract link and let webmaster know you have issue watching video. Be specific about what happens so he can help.
23 days ago
Phoenix fire bird Paid MemberThank you Veena I will, it’s just played fine now, no idea why it happens to me but hopefullly web master can highlight if there’s something I can tweak. Brilliant dance! I love how you got up onto the pole at the end:-) brilliant! Xxx
23 days ago
I'm glad you added the last Pole Hold lesson at the end, really help me understand the grip and scapula positioning better than I did before. Thnk you! :-)
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