September Challenge 2020

Buttons-Pussycat Dolls I can't wait to get a bigger repertoire of dance moves into my subconscious ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… this was fun, and actually my second afternoon spent freestyling to this song (forgot to hit record the first time around) and I couldn't

September Challenge

Dadgirl21 Paid Member a day ago
Hey Big Spender

Sept CHALLENGE 2020!

Ewaters7131810 3 days ago
Thank you for the privilege of being with an amazing pole community! Not sure of the etiquette but Classic Stripper Song, S*x and Candy cover by Unions

CHALLENGE I kissed a girl Freestyle

amelia2000 Paid Member 18 days ago
Not my best, and there are a couple of moments where I nearly stumble over my heels (lol), but I couldn't be bothered to refilm. My son didn't want an afternoon nap that day so I was constantly having to make sure he didn't nab my phone while

September 2020 CHALLENGE! Earned it by The Weekend chair dance

LatinPoler Paid Member 23 days ago
Dancing to a typical pole (or chair) song. I donโ€™t especially like this song though ๐Ÿ™ˆ because it gets boring soon, itโ€™s too monotonous for me. But I think itโ€™s a good chair song. This is a โ€œplanned freestyleโ€, meaning that I had some

September Challenge 2020 - Pour some sugar on me!

Veena a month ago
I'm bringing the OG Studioveena challenge BACK! Join me this month and share your idea of "Dance to Cliche stripper/pole dance music" Here's mine! Remember to add the word CHALLENGE to your video title so everyone can find it in the challenge section

ABC123 Challenge, Day 7: Brass Bridge with You Are The Pole Monster Challenge, Day 15: Back Hook Spin

chuyehara Paid Member Sep 20, 2019
I have never attempted the Brass Bridge, mainly because I have never felt secure with my knee grip. Happy that the @studioveena "ABC123 Challenge" pushed me to try it. It's not super flexy, but a good start. Added the always fun Back Hook Spin from

#svabc123 Day 4 IG challenge

hookedonpole Previous Paid Member Sep 15, 2019
I don't usually do choreo routines. This is part of Veena's IG challenge so decided to take on the challenge. I posted it in honor of her birthday last week. Even though this is out of my comfort zone, she inspires me to try.

ABC123 Challenge, Day 5: Bow & Arrow with Pole Seat September Challenge, Day 9: Sonic Spin

chuyehara Paid Member Sep 14, 2019
Combined Sonic Spin from Day 9 of @danrosenpole "Pole Seat September Challenge" with Bow & Arrow from Day 5 of @studioveena "ABC123 Challenge." Tried to go for a sexier feel in my layback.

#svabc123 Challenge Day 3

Wanted to try some dynamic pole! It's exhausting, but super fun! I love going fast! So fast I had to use both hands to grab my foot in Allegra ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

ABC123 Challenge, Day 2: Air Walk and Day 1: Apprentice

chuyehara Paid Member Sep 8, 2019
ABC123 Challenge. Day 2: Air Walk, followed by Day 1: Apprentice. Air walking is much harder than it looks.

August Flow Challenge Day 30

WATCH MY GLOW UP!! Here we are! I made it!! Thank you for this challenge Veena!! It was definitely needed! Thank you to Vertical Beast for sponsoring the challenge!

August Flow Challenge Day 29

Here are Flows 3&4 from yesterday! Got busy going to a paint nite with some pole friends and forgot to post!

August Flow Challenge 2019, Day 30

Dusty Rose Paid Member Aug 31, 2019
I learned a lot from this challenge! I will continue to focus on flow throughout all of my practices :)

August Flow Challenge 2019, Day 28

Dusty Rose Paid Member Aug 31, 2019
Here are combos 8-10 strung together! This challenge has really helped me memorize steps better, as well as moving from one thing to another with flow.

August Flow Challenge 2019, Day 29

Dusty Rose Paid Member Aug 31, 2019
Of all the flow drills, Flow #4 is my favorite! It's perfect since I want to start learning more floor work. In perfect cat timing, my cat ran right under my leg as I was closing in on that split- she's ok!!!

August Flow challenge Days 27 and 28

Rest day was spent on my massage pillow again! ๐Ÿ’†โ€โ™€๏ธ Apparently Iโ€™ve sped this up almost to the same FPS as my camera ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Sexy legs and Abs routine from today, since I forgot to record it the first time around
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i never stop being amazed at what a great TEACHER you are. even my gravity unfriendly self has been able to inch farther and farther with technique because you teach so well. thank you.
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