NO POLE - 30 day beginner program

I'm super excited to announce my New 30 day program.💜 []

This program requires No Pole and was developed for those with zero workout or dance experience. Most of the workouts will take well under and hour and rest day are included. If you've been off the pole for a significant amount of time this program is perfect for gently getting back into training. It's also a good option for those who want to maintain training while away from home.

As with all of the new lessons, they are filmed vertically insuring a better experience on your mobile device. Creating closer views without the need of turning your phone or tablet, just tap the video and click on the 4 arrows to go full screen! No more tiny videos on your phone. Of course you can still cast to a TV or watch on a computer as before.

With long wait times for poles to be delivered, I wanted to give those who are eager to get started a guide.

Here's the welcome video to get you started []
Dec 30, 2020
ewebet72116 Paid Member
I just started the No Pole 30 day beginner program! So glad to be back with you Veena! I need to ease back into pole and this is perfect! Thank you!!
Jan 2, 2021
Wonderful, nice to see you back! Keep me posted 💜
Jan 2, 2021
Julia Previous Paid Member
This is great! :)Been off the pole for a few years now, and my former pole room has become a nursery for my two little babies. Feeling very ready to get started again!
Jan 2, 2021
Yay. Keep me posted 💜💜
Jan 3, 2021
This is exactly the site I needed to get use of the static pole I received last month! Veena, you have laid everything out so well. This is great for me since the closest pole studio to me is an hour away.
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