Getting motivated

dmorningstar7195 Previous Paid Member
Hello All- I have had this membership and haven’t used it. I used to pole a lot 2 years ago and over past 2 years having the hardest time getting motivated. I’ll start for 5 min but then get overwhelmed on what to start doing. I wish I had a schedule so I would do something each day maybe start with 15 min a day but never know what to start with so do same thing.. warm up , climbs both sides , helicopters both sides then ??. I want to get back to it where I was intermediate to advanced. Any suggestions
Feb 12, 2023
Hi! If your starting over after taking a break begin with the Beginner Level programs. Heres the first one. []

If you're saying you're currently training at an intermediate level then try start with the level 1 intermediate program []

If those are look easy give the Advanced programs a try!

There are VIP plans to try []

And all kinds of other programs that tell you want to do each day.
Feb 12, 2023
Kerstin Schmidt
Its so great and a lot of fun
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