Anyone not like platform/clear heels for yourself?


I have noted with increasing curiosity that while most of us are not exotic dancers and do not appreciate the assumption that we are just because we pole, lots of us tend to choose heels associated with stripping. I see lots of the sky-high platformed heels and lots of lucite, which I've always heard called "stripper heels." 

Here's what I came up with, and correct me if I'm wrong: it is impowering to wear heels referred to as "stripper heels" because (1) they are associated with total sexyness and (2) we can transform their meaning based on who we are rather than what people would assume we are.

I love this idea! I don't personally like thick platforms on myself or clear heels, but when I see them on you ladies you could not look more bold and strong. I do wear really tall heels compared to those around me (around 4 1/2") without platforms or with a small platform which my classmates and co-workers call "stripper heels." They make my stride stronger and I love the authoritative click. I was wondering, what do you love about your heels? Am I right about why we love our platform heels or what other reasons do you love wearing them? Or is there anyone that doesn't particularly like the typical platform heel?
Aug 25, 2012 from Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Eden Body Previous Paid Member

I was not into high heels before I started researching pole dancing. The more I researched and saw videos of girls dancing in heels the more I wanted to try it. I thought it added something to the dance. I also like to see people dance barefoot. At first I was not really into the clear heels but they're the only pole shoes that fit my very narrow feet. When I tried them on I actually liked the way they looked on me. The platforms are fun for me because I'm so used to being such a plain jane. I made a decision on May 23, 2012 (the day I joined studio Veena) that Pole dancing would be a way to step outside of my usual safe, comfortable and conservative yet limited box. I really don't care if they're called stripper shoes.....I like the way I look and feel in them........I know pole dance is great for fitness and it has it's fair share of stigmas.... but it was the sexy side of pole dance that spoke to me first. 
Aug 25, 2012 from United States

I can think of two really practical reasons why ladies prefer poling in "stripper heels" rather than regular heels. The first is that these shoes are designed for dancing. You're not going to snap the heel off of one because there's a metal rod in there. They also have a rubber grip on the sole so you don't slip on hard surfaces. The second is that there's a lot of moves (mostly floorwork) that are simply easier to execute when you have a platform to slide on rather than your toes.

On the less practical side, I'm sure many ladies choose stripper heels because 1) that's just what people are supposed to wear when pole dancing and 2) they definitely do make you feel sexy as hell. I especially love the stripper heels with the clear platforms, because they make your legs look sooooo long without adding any visual weight to your foot. (If you're not sure what that means, check out any video with a girl dancing in 7 inch black platforms. It looks like she has bricks on her feet.)
Aug 25, 2012 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

In the beginning I wasn't into heels at all. I preferred dancing barefoot, it felt more natural to me. But recently I discovered that heels make you move differently and more sexy and I want to explore that side of pole dancing too. It will  be something different for me. So I just ordered my first pair of Pleasers (clear platform of course :)  ). Can't wait until they get here so I can try them!
Aug 25, 2012 from Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
calipolepixie Previous Paid Member

In the beginning, I wasn't into wearing platform heels, then I loved dancing with them as much as possible. Now I am back to preferring to dance barefoot lol. In fact, I just realized that I haven't practiced poling in my platform heels in a couple of months! Yikes!

I definitely think that dancing in platform heels adds to the sexiness of a pole performance though, the two just "go" together beautifully. And I feel and dance differently when I wear platform heels, I become a different person, a vixen if you will :) It's an amazingly sexy & liberating feeling.
Aug 26, 2012 from Sylmar, California, United States
I will tell you what. I started poling to wear the shoes!!! Lol! Then I got serious and could not even wear them during practice. So, sometimes I wear them now, but they hinder me in some moves. I have always wore clear shoes though. Just not 6 inch ones. I had a Cinderella themed wedding and wore these beautiful clear 4 inch heels w silver and Australian crystals.
Aug 26, 2012 from Dayton, Ohio, United States

I like high heels because I like the aesthetics of them, but I hate dancting in "stripper heels". They are too big and heavy in my opinion, and they prevent you from doing nice footwork (pointe). I prefer to dance in ballroom heels - they are lighter and have a soft sole, so I can still point my feet.

I like wearing stripper heels when I go out, though :)
Aug 26, 2012 from Israel

As an exotic dancer, I would have to say that I like stripper heels in certain situations. If you can actively pole in a room with high ceilings, go for it! If you're like me and 5'10" (making you approximately 6'Godzilla") you end up kicking the ceiling , which is not classy or sexy at all. That's inverting from the ground, by the way :<  If you haven't worked up to inverting, then I guess everything is all fine and dandy! 

There are certain moves that I can't imagine doing in heels (Special K, but Chelle Hefner apparently tackled that one. I still can't quite get my brain around that.) But I'm sure with enough practice you can do anything. 
Aug 26, 2012 from Glendale, Arizona, United States

I like to wear the hells because, as my instructor pointed out "they add to the workout and they're sexier than ankle weights". And I really do notice a difference in how sore my legs are on the days I wear them versus the days I don't :)
Aug 26, 2012 from Tampa, Florida, United States

I bring my black 6" Pleasers to class every week and the teacher has only asked me to wear them once. No one else in class has a pair, although the teacher offers hers, no one takes them. She tends to use them for when she wants to make videos or take pictures. We mainly dance barefoot. So I cant really say if I prefer one over the other just yet. I'm aiming to get a nice new pair. Perhaps they'll look better on me and I'll be more prone to wear them.
Aug 26, 2012 from United States

I do videos and take photos in heels and barefoot. I don't practice much in heels but I love to wear them in videos......IF it fits the song. 
Aug 26, 2012 from San Francisco, California, United States

I normally pole barefoot, but everyonce in a while I enjoy putting on my black pleaser 8 inch heels, I love how they make my legs look and i feel so sexy
Aug 26, 2012 from Millville, Massachusetts, United States
Stiletto Jeau

I love dancing in my 6" platform stilettos!  Boots, too!  It's a bit empowering for me cuz I'm a vertically challenged midget with an extreme case of short woman's syndrome (I almost always wear platform heels when I get the chance, dancing or not).

I refer to my pole shoes as 'stripper shoes' or just flat out 'shoes'.  I'm not above strippers.  But the shoes do not automatically add a sexy element to the dance...flashback to the first few times I danced in them. 

I wear my 'stripper shoes' when I feel like it, but I have to say that I dance more freely without them.
Aug 26, 2012 from Seattle, Washington, United States

I love dancing in platform heels and wear them for multiple reasons. Some cosmetic ones are I feel that they lengthen the lines of the leg and create instant sex appeal. Tons of colors, styles, lengths... the variety is dizzying and I love that. 

I also wear them to execute moves like heel slides and pirouttes (protect my feet). Protecting my feet is a biggie. I danced barefoot a few days ago and tore my left foot so now I have two throbbing torn areas that I'm working on healing up. :( Ouch. I get so angry when that happens. 

I like the additional benefits like improving ankle strength and that while in them I focus more on core stabalization and balance. I could barely walk when I first put a pair on... I remember calling myself a 'drunk baby giraffe'. Even though I couldn't really do anything in them... I fell in love with them immediately. 

I do not feel there is a right or wrong here, it is all about what you want to do at that time and what makes you feel the most expressive about your dance in that moment. I can say that I am captivated by heels.



Aug 27, 2012 from United States
Eden Body Previous Paid Member

Ouch JeHanne, hope you heal up real soon. lol @ drunk baby giraffe:-)
Aug 27, 2012 from United States

I like the clear platforms, just not the clear straps. I think they make my feet look ugly. I like heels because they make my legs looks better

My friend makes fun of me when I wear heels. She says I walk like Peggy Bundy.
Aug 27, 2012 from Oregon, United States
Yeah. That is another thing. I get sore feet from dancing on the carpet. The shoes help protect from all that. I do put packing tape on my shoes so I can wear them on the carpet.
Aug 27, 2012 from Dayton, Ohio, United States
Trixie Kicks
I started liking heels more when I learned floor work (slides) that required them. I use them sometimes, but other times I like to dance barefoot or in leg warmers :)
Aug 27, 2012 from Chicago, Illinois, United States

This thread makes me want to try dancing in heels again!  I think I've tried it like 3 times in my living room but it didn't work out, probably because I was on carpet that caught the heel a lot.  I do think a pole walk and pirouette look amazing in any kind of heel, but floorwork and anything off the ground (climbs, inversions, ect) looks better/sexier in bare feet to me.

I actually don't like the look of the iconic stripper heel most of the time.  There have been videos where, due to the skill of the dancer it looked good to me, but the super tall platforms often look like hooves to me (especially if the dancer is flexing their feet at all), and the plastic clear ones look less like hooves, but the plastic aspect turns me off.  I loved the red shoes Jenyne wore in her routine for the World Pole Champ 2010 Zurich competition.  I thought those were really beautiful and sexy.  I'd love to try dancing in something like that.  I can understand how most dressy heels that I like probably wouldn't be as functional though.  It seems like the stripper heels are really made to hold up wear-and-tear wise, and the plastic straps probably help with grip.

I have heard some say that they like pole dancing in heels because then they don't have to worry about pointing their feet because the heel does it for them, which is so not true.  I see so many flexed feet in heels, and I think a heel actually makes any flex in the foot more noticeable and awkward.  Everybody has to start somewhere though and I'm sure I'll have issues with flexed feet in heels when I try it!
Aug 29, 2012 from Saint George, Utah, United States

For me, it's about balance. I just can't balance myself well in tall heels, especially stiletto heels. I put them on and instantly become an awkward baby giraffe. Just standing and walking is difficult, never mind dancing, and especially never mind any moves where I put all the weight on one foot, like a slow pirouette or a shoulder slide. Or bending down. Or squatting. All of this is 100x harder in heels, for me, so I almost never dance in them. 

But I don't have a lot of practice in heels (just normal heels) anyway. They're a strictly special-occasion shoe for me. My feet, ankles and calves are not used to them and will start to ache very soon after putting them on. Even if I'm just sitting, my feet seem to hate being constricted into that Barbie-foot position. 

I am way more comfortable and secure dancing barefoot, and better at dealing with carpet burn than at moving in heels. Honestly I barely notice the sensation of the carpet while I'm dancing, but I do have eczema on the soles of both feet and if the skin is cracked from that, walking on carpet is like stepping on razor blades. 
Aug 30, 2012 from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
JhennD Paid Member
Agreed completely with JeHanne. Our studio's instructor said in our 101classes, like any sport atheletes need their own gear to make them perform better, It would be better to start practicing in heels than be awesome barefoot, THEN try dancing, inverting, walking, sliding down splits ; all while pointed toes (cos pointed toes flexes glutes =yummy) and feel like you're starting all over, since it is a different game.
In casual 'real life' I SUCK at heels even wedges. I like to blame everything from height, weak knees, my love for my teeth, huge feet, for my lack of heel skills. So I was nervous about my first dance shoes, I got Pleasers, Dolly (I call them my training heels) and they worked great, they broke and in good timing, I truly wanted the 7" sexy platforms. From scared wobbly, to 5" Dolly, 7" Adore. I love black due to it can match whatever I exercise in. But I like the silly colourful ones of Mottiff (?) I want glitter or rhinestone crusted heels but fear chipping, like the black platforms - UGLY; or scratching pole or popping off and sticking on/in my skin (actually have pits on my feet, legs, knees from rhinestones popping off from others shoes.
So I have grown to love my platforms, but unless I'm dancing and stripping at home I don't call them stripper shoes. I think because dancer shoes have grip and pretty much are not declined, which regular stillettos are (steep decline) I can sexy strut in my platforms. I like all colours but clear seem to last longer because they don't appeared chipped.
Sexy ankle weights, yup; another sexy accessory/gear (like those needed booty shorts) oh yea; something to play with or add as a personal touch-style, you betcha! Climbing guard and assistant to invert poses and grabs, sticks on hot sweaty sessions, thank goodness.
Now my next adventure are strapless heels. And keeping pointed toes down when I split slide down.
Barefoot, only when learning invert moves. I have (hopefully not) perm scars on top of feet from climbing -holding mistakes.
What's the buzz about platform boots, haven't been able to 'master' confidence in them. Sexy walk- I need to walk a tad bow-legged so they don't stick, and spins when grip aid on the pole get them messy. Any notes??
Aug 31, 2012 from CA, United States
JhennD Paid Member
Hooves haha kinda cute reference if you're long legged and clumsy. Me sometimes.
Pankake- our studio has a fitness class that we do squats and exercise, piyo moves while wearing our heels. Gets some time to get used to. But dancing and transitions WAY easier since taking that class. We practice muscle flexing, flexibilty and getting to know your body position & reaction to a pose so being more fluid in the dancing classes.
Aug 31, 2012 from CA, United States

Hooves... I love that look! JhennD, sounds like I'd get along great with your studio instructor!

There are some dancers that decide to never wear heels or prefer the more organic/natural look of a bare foot, they are just as awsome as us heel lovin dancers. :)

I call them 'platform heels' since to me that is what I see them as. Heels take a lot of practice, I've even fallen a few times and will likely fall again. I don't feel there is anything natural about balancing on any platform and then shifting your center of gravity and everything else while dancing. 

I guess I'm just a glutten for punishment. ;)
Aug 31, 2012 from United States

I'm sure I could get better at moving & dancing in heels, it's just not someting I'm interested in trying or working towards, to be honest. I'm not upset or disappointed that I can't dance in heels - y'all can keep 'em. I'm not really a girly-girl and never have been, and to me personally, platform heels sort of represent the kind of femininity that doesn't ring true to who I am. In fact I'd say the fashion aspect of pole dance is more or less lost on me. I can appreciate a good outfit or pair of shoes on someone else but don't feel compelled to get all dolled up myself. Maybe it's just because I'm not really a performer in any sense - I have no interest in competitions and have only performed publicly once, and while I'd love to do it again, I'm not rushing out to find opportunities. So as long as pole remains something I do just for me at home or with friends, why bother with what's on my feet? 

(This all applies just to me personally - no judgment intended.) 
Aug 31, 2012 from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

I hear ya Pankake. We are all amazing pole lovers and dancers no matter what is on our feet. It is what is inside our heart and souls that make us shine when we take the stage. Regardless of that stage being our personal home pole space or a theatre. 
Aug 31, 2012 from United States
i LOVE the look of my pink pleasers but i def prefer to pole barefoot :)
Aug 31, 2012

I prefer heels. Always. I own 1 pair of flats other then my barn boots and one pair of tennis shoes and about 80 ish pairs of heels with over 3/4 of them being 4 inches or higher. I start my beginners barefoot and won't force them to wear heels but I personally love them.
Aug 31, 2012 from Louisville, Kentucky, United States

funn thing...after I shattered my hip I thought if I do get back on the pole I'll never be able to wear my heels took months before I would put anything on but flats or bare feet plus I'm one of the unlucky ones whose plate and pins surgery made one leg a little shorter [] so after many months we went out to dinner and I got dressed up...and thought I'm gonna try some heels...well I looked pretty funny with heels and a cane but lo and behold that night I realized with the heels on I could walk without the bizarre is that!  I'm still a little scared of them because I worry I'll stumble and I am completely paranoid about falling [] I was however happy happy that my heels are not something I have to just look at because since I started poling I have sooooooooo many pairs... [] I haven't ried to pole in my heels again yet since I'm just now able to get back on it but I am hopeful.
Aug 31, 2012 from Sleepy lil' town in South Georgia but raised in good ol' Texas, United States

bumping this thread up! Not only is it a great one, but I'm wanting to get either 7 or (gasp) 8" shoes (not really, but would love to try some!). I'm used to 6' big of a difference is it going from 6" to 7"? Do you have a size preference? (lol, this sounds so naughty)
Feb 8, 2013 from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Lyme Lyte
My preference is ZERO inches!
Feb 8, 2013 from Grand Haven, Michigan, United States
I have mostly 6" but I like my 7" more
Feb 8, 2013 from Oregon, United States

I honestly never was a show person. I wanted my own pair of heels just to practice in them for more of a workout since its way harder for me to dance in them on the pole. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing barefoot. I am a bellydancer lol. I just love it. But ive been wearing my heels more and more an now I just dont want to take them off lol. I love my heels bc they make me feel like a different person. ( I love feeling like a bellydancer as well when i pole dance) but i dont JUST feel like a bellydancer trying to pole dance in my heels like i do bare foot. When i wear them I feel Like i know what im doing lol. They have also made me have better pointed toes in my bellydance class i noticed. I heared heels are not good for your feet, which is fine, neither is the dancing i do on my feet lol. but when i take them off i feel like pointing my feet is on auto piolet and i dont have to think about it lol! I cant ex i just love it now. tho i still and always will love dancing bare foot as well. i have 6, 7 an 8 inches. the 6 are the easiest of chorse but the 7 i think it perfect for me bc its just enough height. I only love 8 inches if they are boots bc they give me more support around my ankle to walk in them) my 8 inch boots i fell i can run in them with the ankle suppose they give me. hmm now i have to learn how to dance in them in a graceful way lol.
Feb 8, 2013 from Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States

sorry meant shoe person not show person *
Feb 8, 2013 from Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States

LOL, I just noticed this thread title!! I was only looking at the posts that were pro-shoes. Oopsie! 
Feb 8, 2013 from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

in regards to heels.. i need heels to practice in .. i have yet to practice in heels becuz none of the one i own have ankle straps.. i would love to purchase some.. could u lovely ladies give me some of ur favorite places to purchase them ?

Feb 8, 2013
Stiletto Jeau

@lilmissRe amazon (lol) or bad kitty.  i've got 3 pairs of pleaser boots and a bunch of Ellie platform stiletto-heeled shoes.  love them all ;)
Feb 8, 2013 from Seattle, Washington, United States
chemgoddess1 Paid Member

I would strongly suggest that if you do not know how the different brands fit to find some place local so you can try them on.  I shop all over for my shoes always looking for sales.  I have a friend who has an account with Pleaser and I can get her cost if there is a pair I cannot find.  I have also gotten some steals on ebay.  The last pair I bought at a local boutique and they were on clearance for $35.  But then again, I am a bargain hunter.

Feb 8, 2013 from Raleigh-ish, NC, United States

Interesting that some people don't like dancing in shoes because it is not "who they are." That describes me to a T - I am a flip flop, sneakers, and Uggs kind of girl in my daily life. I do yoga in bare feet, I love walking around barefoot in the summertime, and I almost always train in bare feet for pole. I also love the look of a pointed toe.

And yet... I adore my 7 inch Ellies. Putting them on is, for me, like a superhero putting on a mask. It lets me turn into that bombshell sexpot who I usually don't get to be in my daily life. At least for a song or two :)
Feb 8, 2013 from United States
Stiletto Jeau

good advice, chemgoddess1!  i have a pair of heels that run narrow and it's kinda sketchy dancing in them so i just use them for floor work.
Feb 8, 2013 from Seattle, Washington, United States

The day after Halloween is a great time to pick up pole shoes... a lot of the adult stores and temporary costume stores stock the most common Pleasers and Ellies around that time. You may also have luck immediately after Valentine's Day.
Feb 8, 2013 from United States


Some friends have also had good luck at Kohls. They sell inexpensive street shoes that are pretty good for pole dancing.




Just be careful about bringing street shoes to a studio, since they may scuff the floor.
Feb 8, 2013 from United States

I don't know if I recommend buying shoes that aren't meant for dancing. Friends of mine have done this and have had some difficulty. The soles aren't as grippy and they'd often slip and slide when bringing their feet down from a spin. The last thing you want is for your feet to slide out from under you. Adult stores that sell Pleasers and the like also sell replacement soles that can be stuck to the bottom of the shoe and help, but I don't know if it's worth it to do that on street shoes.

I don't dance much in shoes due to my weak ankles. I have learned that it's important to pay attention to the heel to platform ratio. I have 6" heels with a 3/4" platform. The angle is quite steep and makes it hard for me (typically a non-heel wearer) to dance in them. On the other hand, you can get a 7" shoe with a 3" platform and they will be far more comfortable than my 6" shoe. I wish I had learned early on to pay attention not to the height of the heel but the heel-to-platform ratio.

I'd also recommend trying them on in a store. I wear a half size up in Pleaser, but a different style of the same brand in the same size caused my toes to pop out the top of the sandal, which is quite dangerous. Even though I like those shoes, I can't wear them. Fit is important when changing between styles. Ankle straps are always a plus, but I've seen people who really like the mule style because of the greater coverage of the plastic on the top of the foot. They don't fall off because of the grippiness of the plastic and a sort of "suction" it creates on your foot. I have seen them fly off with some moves, but for most things, they stay on fine.

I have also been told by my instructors to look at the actual heel shape. Flip the shoe upside down and look at the heel. Circular heels, like most stilletos, are harder to walk and dance in. Heels that are squared off, like an extended semi-circle, will give greater stability.

If you dance at home and only have carpet, I don't necessarily recommend shoes for that. I have tried walking on the carpet in my home, which is typical off-white apartment carpet, and have actually fallen because the plushness of the carpet rolls the heel around. Some can handle it fine and some carpets are less plush than others, but I figure it's worth saying.

I'm not an expert on shoes by any means. I only have the two pairs, one that I can't even wear. I guess I can say that I've had a lot of errors with my trial-and-error when it comes to shoes. For the most part, I'm a barefoot girl. That doesn't stop me from oogling over heels though. Best of luck on the heel search for those who are looking!
Feb 8, 2013 from Houston, Texas, United States

If I wear heels I like to wear ballroom heels or "stripper" heels. I love the ballroom because they allow you to point the foot and still give a nice line to the legs. They are great for song that would look odd with a stripper heel.

I love to wear my stripper heels because they are so so so FUN! I love how they look, I love the colors you can get and all how sexy they make us look and feel. Even your "average" heel these days are looking like "stripper" heels! Even if exotic dancers never wore those heels, I'd still want to wear them. lol

All heels made for dancing will challenge you to work on your balance and body awareness, so I think it's a great thing. 
Feb 9, 2013 from San Francisco, California, United States

Before pole I pretty much never wore heels. The first heels I ever bought were the ones I wore to prom and within 10 minutes of being inside I whipped those puppies off lol. I can barely walk in heels to this day. 

BUT, I've always had this fascination with high heels. I think a lot of girls do. They can't really explain it, but its there. I like the option of wearing them for pole. But by no means do I feel forced to wear them. I only practice in them once on my practice days because I get far more done without them on. 

Oh, use to HATE clear heels, something about them just seemed...I don't know skanky? But then, I found tutorials to make clear heels all fancy. So my opinions changed :)
Feb 10, 2013 from Los Angeles, California, United States

I actually put myself through school as a professional dancer, and so I originally learned how to dance in "Stripper Heels" on stage, in front of a crowd. I never went with too big a platform, an inch or two tops, since I always worried I would fall off them and hurt myself or others... but as a lot of people have pointed out, nowadays many street heels are indistinguishable from stripper heels.

I was told by many of the old school girls at my club that the reason stripper heels were so popular was because the materials they're made of are particuarly good at aiding in sticking to the pole. I had problems with the stripper heels giving me blisters, even after wearing them for extended periods of time, so after a while, I just gradually started dancing in regular street heels and personally, thought they worked better since the material can form to your foot, whereas the lucite is pretty much fixed. I stopped getting blisters after that.

If it helps, I find that Steve Madden shoes are very well constructed, they last forever and i have never felt unsafe on them.
Feb 11, 2013

I am cheap cheap cheap when it comes to shoes (like, Payless and Walmart cheap - DSW is a splurge!) so on the rare occasion that I'm looking for platforms, I go for the clearance racks at normal department stores. I got some Steve Maddens for $30 at Burlington Coat Factory in 2011, and then last December scored some sparkly silver sandal-style heels from a no-name brand ("Diva"?) for $7 at Shoe Carnival. $7! 

They did scuff up the floor in my pole room (scuffs come off, right?) the last time I wore them, so I probably won't be bringing them to a studio. They slide pretty easily across the floor which I actually don't mind after so long of dancing on carpet and not being able to slide at all. Just have to be careful how I land. And the material on the insole gets slick when my feet sweat. So they do have some drawbacks. 

But I think if you want heels for *decoration* mostly, that you wear every once in a while, not every single time, then street shoes from the clearance racks can totally work. Just like with running shoes - sure, you can spend $100+ on performance running trainers with all the bells and whistles, and you should probably make that investment if you're running a lot or for long distances. But if you're just a casual, occasional jogger, you can get away with something much less robust. 
Feb 13, 2013 from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

@  For floor scuffs, like the kind tennis shoes can leave, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (or a generic equivilant) should take them right off. 

I also wear heels *everywhere* not just dancing in them, but I'm lucky enough that I live where there's a Nordstrom Rack in addition to a bunch of awesome consignment shops that always have higher end shoes for super cheap, so I never spend more than $25/35 on fancy shoes. And if I find a pair I love, it's usually cheaper to get the soles and/or the heel taps replaced then to buy a new pair.

My cobler charges $10 a pair to replace them ($10 for new soles/ $10 for new heel taps, which works out to $20 for a pair). I've had one pair of shoes since 2005, I bought them on sale, with the original tags (priced at $120) still on them, for $15 and I've had to replace the heel taps twice, maybe 3 times, so all in all $35-45 for 8 years of wear = Worth every penny. But I might just be city-spoiled.
Feb 13, 2013
I like flat shoes I can't wear high heel shoes it very painful for me and I've so much difficult to walk with heels.............
Dec 19, 2013
I'm a diva for high heels. With that said, when I started pole dancing I immediately went for the 7 inch heels! I just love them; they make me feel sooo sexy! I practice my tricks barefoot then break out the big heels once I've mastered them.
Dec 19, 2013 from New Jersey, United States
grayeyes Paid Member
Great thread. When I started pole I was into it strictly from an acrobatic aspect and I actually thought heels looked weird on pole dancers. To me it seemed like most of the routine was in the air so why would the dancer wear shoes? In my mind it was almost seemed like a trapeze artist wearing shoes. Then I bought Veena's lessons and went through some of the beginning lessons like sexy walks and how to do a sexy squat. I put on some of my dress heels and was like, hey, wait a minute, that looks pretty sexy. I bought some clear plastic Pleasers on Amazon for $35 and I am 100% hooked on them. If you had told me a month ago I would be addicted to these silly shoes I would not have believed you. Now that's one of the best parts of poling. I practice with and without them but mostly with. I'm like a little girl with her mom's heels on--love them. I would wear them to McDonald's with shorts if I didn't think I would get propositioned for being a working girl. Interestingly, I have only once seen anyone wear heels in my studio--not sure why. As others have said, I find the heels empowering. I feel like the sexiest woman alive in those heels.
Dec 19, 2013 from United States
Interesting thread... personally don't ever wear heels and never would. I also don't like watching vids of girls poling in heels. I think it's because I have Brittle Bones Disease and although I know they'll be totally fine and they're used to it, Im always watching thinking 'Oh nooooo! You're going to snap your ankle!!' :)
Dec 29, 2013
tiggertail Paid Member
Usually pole barefoot but i got my first pair or stripper shoes for pole and they are so comfy i would wear them everyday it i wasn't so afraid of the look people would give me. For me it add some sexy and confidence to my poling. I even got a few good comments about the way i walk with my regular heels, got ask how i could walk so easyly with such high heels :P
Dec 30, 2013 from Quebec, Canada
I think dancing barefoot gives a certain raw sensuality to many movements -- and I do dance barefoot fairly often depending on my mood plus the mood of the music. But I'll never give up my stripper heels. :) I think I have more pairs of "stripper heels" than I do "regular" shoes lol. I LOVE ME some shoe claps and heel slides and all the things that are better in shoes!!!
Dec 31, 2013 from Ohio, United States
yrngrl Previous Paid Member
I take lessons in a studio, but between classes at home it is so helpful to have Veena's lessons to refresh my memory of what I learned in class and show me other moves I "should" be able to do based on what I already know. Instructions are so clear!
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