Phoenix Kazree workshops

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Ditto everything Stiletto Jeau said, nearly word for word. Her somewhat more serious style was right up my alley. She's not overly serious--it came off to me as perhaps more of a trained teacher...more

Best place to sell X-Pole ?

Recent Post By Runemist34 13 hours ago - 6 Posts - 39 Views
IG is InstaGram! ;)...more

Writing down choreography

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Unfortunately, I don't have Veena's lessons. I'm not really making my own choreography yet, just copying other people. Since a lot of the videos I'm enjoying are on IG, it's hard to follow them. I'm...more

Bow and Arrow

Recent Post By StrangeFox Paid Member 3 days ago - 3 Posts - 46 Views
Looks awesome! LOL! I've had many close calls with my shorts in this one. :) ...more

I'm Back...and I need your help!

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Yes! My hip flexor injury was unpleasant but short lived (thankfully!) Last week it was so bad I couldn't even put on socks on Tuesday, but it's pretty much all healed up, now. I'm still being careful...more

Newbie looking for support

Recent Post By PolesAndMotorcycles 3 days ago - 16 Posts - 174 Views
oops i meant to add BRASS x pole :D...more


Recent Post By Veena 7 days ago - 7 Posts - 205 Views
Runemist, Almost all moves have an easier demonstrated option to using instead....more

Flow practice today

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Your butterfly looks so solid!! I'm impressed how strong you are! ...more

Light up shoe won't light up anymore!

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my shoes are not even charging anymore ...more

I've Hit a Plateau. Which Program Should I Do Next?

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Yesss! I'm going to start that and let you know how it goes. :) Thank you, Veena!...more

iphone and webiste

Recent Post By Veena 12 days ago - 3 Posts - 50 Views
Yes, purchasing the app give you access to the app only. Nothing is wrong :)...more

Issue with aligning x pole

Recent Post By Nat 13 days ago - 9 Posts - 134 Views
Mine does exactly the same. I was worried about it but it's not moving so I just left it x...more

Spinning pole question

Recent Post By Nat 13 days ago - 4 Posts - 119 Views
So I have now tried to loosen it and checked again if it's straight. It's not perfectly straight but it will not get any better. Still the same problem. Contacted the xpole helpline, so I suppose will...more

Push vs Pull

Recent Post By Izzy2 Paid Member 14 days ago - 7 Posts - 167 Views
Thank you Veena for the follow up! I will keep working on this and various moves. ...more

Poling After the 30 Day Starter Program

Recent Post By Nat 15 days ago - 6 Posts - 135 Views
I have been doing the beginner moves in addition to my weekly session (I do 1 to 1 for various reasons). I like to go through them in more depth really focusing on the technique. Veena gives you...more

What took you to the next level? Feeling meh about in studio progress

Recent Post By PoleAdventures Paid Member 16 days ago - 12 Posts - 311 Views
I had really the same experience. I went to a studio, take 8 weeks courses but I feel SO uncomfortable. They did strength training and I feel like a potato. I could'nt climb but they say thats...more

Shelf life of pole

Recent Post By hannimator Paid Member 16 days ago - 2 Posts - 109 Views
Tbh I'm not sure xstages really depreciate in value much, I've seen 2nd hand ones go for like £400/450 (full price £500). Xpoles are really sturdy and the customer service from xpole itself is...more

Throwback Interviews 🎙️

Recent Post By Veena 16 days ago - 12 Posts - 172 Views
Interview 7 [][]youtubeEmbed('#5ac4f1c0-f84c-4d6a-811d-24faac110005');...more

Pole dance CNY

Recent Post By Jan 1, 1970 - 4 Posts - 3405 Views

Giving private lessons

Recent Post By Jan 1, 1970 - 31 Posts - 1255 Views

Attacked because we are women..we did defend ourself!

Recent Post By dustbunny Paid Member 17 days ago - 7 Posts - 391 Views
I am glad to hear none of you suffered any legal consequences from defending yourselves. It makes me believe there is still justice in this world. Hopefully the man involved will learn a lesson and...more

Are you over 40 and up a pole? Check in here :)

Recent Post By littlejennywren Paid Member 18 days ago - 132 Posts - 5087 Views
Wow so many of us! I’m 41 tomorrow and have been poleing for 14 months. There’s no pole studio in our town, we have to travel to the next town over so we only go once a week. I have a pole in my...more

Any New England Polers?

Recent Post By PolesAndMotorcycles 18 days ago - 6 Posts - 146 Views
I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada :) I drive 12 hours to Laconia, NH every year for the bike week rally so not too far!...more

Black Face in Pole? Really... is this what we're doing?

Recent Post By emmasculator 19 days ago - 13 Posts - 448 Views
Yup. Just reread my response too! Never once said your opinion was not welcome. Really not sure where you got that from. ...more

Starting over

Recent Post By 33barbwire Paid Member 21 days ago - 7 Posts - 196 Views
Hey, lots of people need a break from pole once in a while! I burned out pretty bad in February and haven't done much working out of any kind for...oh like 6-7 weeks, wow. Getting back in, though....more

Competition woes, needing some encouragement

Recent Post By Marina Lohova 21 days ago - 13 Posts - 332 Views
Hey hey! I've been in exactly the same spot. It was so awkward and uncomfortable. But it only happens because it's your first time in such setting. The more you do the comp team thing... the more you...more

Pole wear in london

Recent Post By soppingbagsdirect 21 days ago - 4 Posts - 258 Views
There are many online shop selling pole wear in London. We are a london based online shopping portal and manufacturer of customized printed paper bags. [] ...more

New programs?

Recent Post By Veena 22 days ago - 11 Posts - 182 Views
Thanks for the input guys!...more

Instable ceiling- xpert

Recent Post By dustbunny Paid Member 24 days ago - 2 Posts - 83 Views
You ceiling has to have joists somewhere. That's what holds the weight of the roof or the next floor up. Finding them can be tricky. Try asking a mechanically inclined friend if you have one. Good...more

On Instagram now

Recent Post By JacquieL Paid Member a month ago - 1 Posts - 62 Views
I've finally joined Instagram. Find me at pole_jacq Love to connect with more pole folks!...more

laser hair removal......down there

Recent Post By Jan 1, 1970 - 32 Posts - 46018 Views


Recent Post By paulineleonesio6625 a month ago - 1 Posts - 81 Views
how many of yall have a portable xpole? love it or hate? what are yalls opinions?...more

Active flexibility

Recent Post By fanniebaron173243 a month ago - 8 Posts - 346 Views
I am aware about some flexibility exercises. Lower body routine and triceps stretch is a good way to achieve flexibility. I have heard about Cellublue [] that provides ways to achieve...more

Reminder to drink water

Recent Post By fanniebaron173243 a month ago - 15 Posts - 645 Views
Thank you for sharing these points....more

Xpole or Lupit or what else

Recent Post By Yayo Mar 18, 2018 - 1 Posts - 106 Views
Hello everyone. I currently owe every Xpole item but looking for other options for both home pole and stage. I was looking at Lupit for a home pole instead of Xpole. Anyone has this and can shed...more

Stylised inverts

Recent Post By Veena Mar 14, 2018 - 3 Posts - 136 Views
Here's a little video I did with a few invert options! [] I do different inverts depending on the style of dance so feel free to check out some of my videos for ideas too :)...more

How to store X-Pole xpert

Recent Post By Veena Mar 13, 2018 - 2 Posts - 106 Views
If it's a brass x pole and tall, over 9 ft, I am very careful about letting it sag, it tends to be such a soft metal that over time it could bow if you are not careful. I haven't had any issues with...more

"Middle child" syndrome in class - how to deal?

Recent Post By StrangeFox Paid Member Mar 10, 2018 - 7 Posts - 308 Views
Glad you got it sorted and everything turned out great! Oooh! Congrats on the handspring! That's a move I keep working at but feel like I'm going nowhere with! LOL! Must be so satisfying to...more

Your favorite Pole music!

Recent Post By Nat Mar 9, 2018 - 3 Posts - 166 Views
Nana by trey songz Crazy in love Beyonce (from 50 shades) Earned it the weekend Chandelier sia Russian roulette Rihanna ...more

Rubbing alcohol?

Recent Post By tavige3679 Mar 9, 2018 - 4 Posts - 173 Views
Ah, thanks guys! Yeah, I'm from the UK and I've never even heard of rubbing alcohol xD... But I just found that on ebay. ...more
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Sp4c3Warrior Paid Member
I am so happy I found this site! It helps me progress so much faster! I am one of those who have to take time and understand how each move works and your breakdown of them is invaluable to me. I can't thank you enough Veena, keep up the great work! <3
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