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    Posted by Veena on February 9, 2024 at 3:59 pm

    This valentines week I have a task for you before you get on your pole, think about why you love it and what brought you to dance. Then with these considerations in your mind send loving thought to your body and practice.

    Did you know that you can love your pole practice regardless of if it felt successful or like a failure?

    This might be a confusing statement but understand, how you feel about something is just your perception.

    It’s just a feeling…

    The reality, what actually matters, is you showed up because you enjoy pole dance and your practice.

    If you love it, it doesn’t have to be perfect every time every session won’t feel like you’re unlocking new tricks each time you practice.

    This week allow your body to experience all the highs and lows that come with your pole practice keeping in mind that most adults have a hard time doing anything physical that they’ve never done before.

    Whether you’re finally learning to embrace your body: stretch marks, cellulite, belly rolls. These things are all you, and you deserve love.

    This week take a minute and write down four things:

    -Two things regarding what you love or enjoy about pole dance

    -Two things regarding what you love about your body

    Every time you go to practice this week, read those four things before you start. Read them again when you’re finished. You might even consider journaling how you feel before you practice and after to see if your feelings have changed.

    Last, below is a tutorial list that can provide a way of connecting with your body without needing to used any pole tricks:

    The flowmotion routine

    The beginner floor routine

    Chair dance tutorials

    Got a partner you’d like to connected with? Give the Lap dance tutorials a try!

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