NO Pole Program (FREE)

Hi there! I’m so happy you decided to join my Studioveena family. This 30-day program was designed for the absolute beginner who wants to start pole dancing but doesn’t have access to a pole.

Here’s a list of the equipment you will need for this No pole program.

  • A light weight resistance band. Click here to purchase or browse similar items. The bands I selected come with a massage ball!
  • A tennis ball, massage ball or lacrosse ball. Click here to purchase or browse.
  • A foam roller (optional). Click here to purchase or browse. I recommend High Density and 18 inches long.

The intensity level is geared towards those who have ZERO exercise experience. Making this program a great option to ease back into pole after taking an extended period of time off, recovering from injuries (after cleared by your physio to exercise) or as your first introduction to exercise in general.

Click here to start with day one.


    1. The program itself is not free. The first video of every program is free so people can learn more about them. With either payment, 99 yearly, or 20 dollars monthly, you get full access to everything all tutorials and programs

    2. By signing up as a member to the website, which is free, you will have two full weeks of access after that you will not be charged, but if you want to continue, you will need to purchase.