Lap Dance Tips

Veena Feb 6, 2010
Welcome member SashaPoles! These tips will provide a great starting point for learning lap dance. Click here to see all lap dance tutorials

Walk Around Drag

Veena Feb 26, 2010
A great sexy tease to get things started.

Zipper Shock

Veena Feb 22, 2010
Not for the faint of heart this is another shocker.

Stand Up

Veena Feb 21, 2010
You should always practice your chair dance using a chair with a hard seat. This rule is very important here.


Veena Feb 19, 2010
A variation on the knee booty slam. Be sure to let your inner cowgirl out.


Veena Feb 25, 2010
You are the cowgirl and your partner plays the horse :)

Standing Booty Slam

Veena Feb 24, 2010
A variation on the booty slam, your partner will enjoy this one just as much.

Knee Booty Slam

Veena Feb 17, 2010
A staple move that gets your booty moving.

Kiss Miss

Veena Feb 16, 2010
Tease, tease, tease... Get your partner's hopes up with this super sexy move.


Veena Feb 16, 2010
A staple of sexy chair dance, grinds are where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

Chest Press

Veena Feb 14, 2010
Regardless of your... endowment... your dance partner will love this move.


Veena Feb 11, 2010
Not for our more conservative dancers. This one truly is a SHOCKER!

Leg Show Lap

Veena Feb 10, 2010
Use this move to show off those sexy legs...

The Melt

Veena Feb 8, 2010
Easy and super sexy! This should be one of your go to moves.

Basic Chair Invert

Veena Feb 7, 2010
If it is painful to place the chair directly on the upper trapezius/neck use a soft towel or blanket in your routine and then place it behind the neck when you need it. A big thank-you to our mystery man ;)

Mouse Trap

Veena Feb 20, 2010
A view to die for. This move is more advanced due to its inverted nature but is very worth the time spent learning.

Thigh Money Invert

Veena Feb 9, 2010
After mastering the chair invert you can move on to this amazing move. NOTE: The chair is resting on the back of the traps not the neck.

Dominatrix Props

Veena Feb 23, 2010
Learn how to show him who's in charge with thes fun props.

Random Props

Veena Feb 27, 2010
More fun items you can use to enhance your lapdance fun.

Naughty Kitchen Props

Veena Feb 12, 2010
Use those everyday items for not so everyday purposes.

Clothing Props

Veena Feb 12, 2010
Clothing isn't just to cover up. Learn how to use your wardrobe to add fun and excitement to your dances.
Shihyu Liu
I am on my third day and I just love your lessons, the pole hold strength practice is exactly what I needed and I can't believe that other studios don't instruct you with this kind of basic practice
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