Date: Feb 8, 2014
Strong, healthy shoulders are very important for pole dance. Here are four easy stabilization exercises you can do anytime, that target the scapula. Doing these along with the scapula/shoulder exercises listed in the conditioning section of the lessons will help prevent injury. As a bonus I've shared important tips for inverting.
Built To PoleYou are so cute!! How you teach is just awesome. I can tell you are very right brained, like me :-D
Feb 10, 2014
KungFuPuddyTatBrilliant lesson - thanks Veena :D
Feb 26, 2014
NettieMarie79Beautiful explanation and demonstration of a basic invert Veena. You made it look so simple. <3
Mar 10, 2014
VeenaThank you guys!
Mar 18, 2014
msusagiThank you too. I never knew I could be overdoing the "shoulders back" thing, but it makes sense.
Nov 5, 2014
monica kaynice blooper haha
Dec 9, 2014
monica kayi really loved this video and could not stop thinking about it! what are your thoughts on laying on the floor superman style with the thighs gripping a pole and doing the cobra pull? I suspect it would work the legs as well as the shoulders and may even traction the spine!
Dec 10, 2014
VeenaThat stretch would be intense and should only be done if you have a good amount of spinal mobility :)
Dec 11, 2014
polebravelyMy shoulders are so weak. I will definitely be adding these exercises to all lessons
Mar 14, 2015
mercury5girlThank you, Veena, these exercises are great! This is why I love learning online with you, you take the time to break down all the important details and lay down the foundations so well.
Sep 27, 2015
VeenaThank you! 💜
Sep 27, 2015
travelerunderstars4916This was very helpful thank you!
Jan 9, 2017
Hazi411Love it! So helpful - thank you. I can see now that I need to work on my arm position - I tend to have my upper arm correct but I think my hands are too low.
Jan 9, 2017
StrangeFox Previous Paid MemberHoly cow...I was watching your tuck invert and basic invert videos, and I had a eureka moment and looked up "scapula" on the site. That brought me to this brilliant video. When you invert, your shoulders are not "hunched" up by your ears like mine sometimes are. No wonder I keep having issues with my rhomboids... :S With hand placement I always thought the lower the better because the lower the hands the less you need to lift your hips. I tend to have my bottom hand shoulder height, and my top hand chin/mouth height, or bottom hand chin height, and top hand eye height depending on whether I'm doing tuck or basic invert. When I invert the elbow of my bottom arm is always near my rib cage. Could that be part of the problem, too? I've included a pic of the highest my hands go when I invert so you can get an idea of what I mean.
Aug 27, 2017
VeenaLower is not better and can cause rhomboid, trapezius and scapula pain. I believe that the method I teach where you place the pole into the arm pit, hold the arm straight out from shoulder height, then bend the elbow to grip the pole, places everything in a more neutral position to start. It's not the EASIEST way to invert, but I feel it helps prevent injury and it will better prepare you for aerial inverts.
Aug 27, 2017
That one guy
I am only in day 2 of my 3 day trial, and I am 100% hooked! Veena's lessons are so beautifully detailed and cataloged I am working on exactly what I need as quickly as I need it! Veena's site is the greatest resource one could hope for.
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